Business Consulting: When is it Time to Ask for Help?

Do you know what business consulting is?  Consulting is a professional activity of diagnosis and formulation of solutions about a subject or specialty. But there is a little more to this work than just diagnosing and formulating. Nowadays, mainly due to the immense volume of information available and the speed at which markets evolve, a business consultancy […]

Lean Selling

The Basic Guide on Lean Selling

Lean Selling is another sales methodology, as well as SPIN Selling , Agile Selling and several others. The catch here, however, is that this methodology is not just about how to sell, but about the entire process behind the final product: a successful sale. But after all, the concept of Lean is well known to all of […]

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition: what is it? How to make? Learn everything here!

The customer acquisition it is essential for companies that want to grow and expand their business. Whether they are just starting businesses or those that have been on the road for some time, attracting new customers remains a challenge that needs to be overcome. After all, it is not uncommon for a company to find itself […]

cost of sales

Find out how to reduce your company’s cost of sales

CONTENT ABOUT MARKETING . Summary Understanding Cost of Sales what should be administered How to reduce the cost of sales effectively Finding a way to reduce the cost of sales is an obsession for any professional. Find out where to attack to reduce this cost! Cost of Sales ! Many companies close their doors due to a lack of understanding […]

no-show in sales

How to deal with no-show in sales?

Do you know what no-show is ? The term originates from English and means, in free translation, “non-attendance”. It is very common in the hotel business and civil aviation, when a passenger or guest, voluntarily or involuntarily, does not attend the reservation made. In inside sales , a no-show happens when a meeting – via phone, Hangout, Skype, […]