SXSW 2019

What comes to your mind when we talk about SXSW ? Music, cinema, film, games, comedy and technology… lots of technology, right?

The event , which takes place annually, is one of the most important in the world to address new technologies and the creative economy.

The 2019 edition of SXSW took place in Austin, Texas/USA, between March 9th and 18th.

We didn’t make it to SXSW 2019, but we’re on top of everything!

We explore the main trends of the event this year and that will certainly influence the sales management of the future.

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Technology and sales: what does SXSW bring us in trend?

Several, and we’ve highlighted 5 that we think are important to discuss. We separate them for you now:

1 – More technology, less paper

Dubai has a digitization center, the Smart Dubai Office, and one of the goals is that the city no longer consumes paper from the year 2021.

We’re talking about two years to eliminate the use of paper from an entire city. So imagine what you can do within your company?

In CRM PipeRun , documents are generated within the platform and your contracts can be electronically signed (in this text you find out more about electronic signature ).

Practicality and speed are essential when closing deals, you already know that.

What few remember is that technologies such as CRM are highly sustainable for the company, which reduces consumption and costs with paper and bureaucracy.

2 – Artificial intelligence is already your greatest ally

Artificial intelligence is gaining ground in all sectors – which was even clearer in SXSW 2019. And in sales it’s no different – ​​we even have an article talking about it, the impact of AI on sales .

This is already a great reason for you to keep an eye out and study hard on the subject. If you practice consultative selling, you need to be aware of the advances your client makes in his company.

But does not stop there. Technology is your great ally in the sales process , when performing operational activities such as registration and search for information about the lead so that you can make a more assertive sale.

When we talk about more complex negotiations, such as B2B sales , having a system that helps you control sales is essential to always be more productive.

3 – People and technology match

SXSW always brings news about technology, but this year the main focus was the human. Faced with the technological boom, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, automation, how are people?

It’s not fair to think that machines will take over all existing jobs.

As a matter of fact, the discourse becomes different. It’s no longer about how technology will influence the world and sales. She is already present. It’s already reality. Its consequences are now being debated.

The technology, in fact, exists for the most part to take over mechanical, robotic work. Salespeople, for example, no longer need to waste time filling out spreadsheets or copying and pasting emails to send to their prospects .

It is the role of technology, yes, to empower people. And this is what it has been doing, making professionals more strategic and leaving them more secure and able to achieve their goals and objectives more and more easily.

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SXSW 2019

4 – Urban mobility determines how you should sell

The world has been rethinking the way mobility, in large cities, takes place. There is an ongoing revolution that will be visible with each passing day – and this should impact how you sell.

Yes. It makes even less sense to maintain a field sales model, with salespeople going from door to door, from customer to customer offering the product or service.

The technology provides the inside sales model , which is much less costly and gives the seller much more confidence.

Expenses, of course, are lower. The greatest productivity. After all, there is no need to travel or waste time on activities that are not related to selling.

And with the use of good software, it is possible to deal with as many opportunities as possible in less time. Productivity and hit goals make people feel better, right?

5 – Develops, Development and Operations

This is one of the pillars of the digital transformation. It is the union of software development areas focused on cooperative work.

Collaboration and synergy between teams. Process automation and continuous learning.

This expression, so to speak, was determined by Patrick Debois a decade or so ago.

DevOps is focused on increasingly ensuring customer success, which is sorely needed in such competitive markets. It is a combination of practices, tools and also philosophies committed to a business.

Within this reality, the strategic planning of companies must necessarily be focused on the long term. Only in this way will it be possible to always be efficient and maintain a good relationship with the customer and, of course, sell more and better and always be a reference in the segment in which it operates.

These are the main highlights that we noticed in SXSW. Technology and people make sales much better.

So, how can we help you?

If you want to share news with us or understand how a CRM helps companies sell more, talk to a consultant today.

Enjoy and read two articles that can help you further understand the trends that SXSW has addressed.

The first one talks about what CRM is , how it empowers people and makes companies sell more and better.

The second deals with the panorama of sales methodologies in a world that is always so connected and technological.

Good sales!

A hug from PipeRun, your CRM. #RunPipeRun

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