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Artificial Intelligence , or AI, is still a term shrouded in many doubts. It is, yes, an intelligence similar to human, but reproduced by software and mechanisms.

But when we bring the subject to the sales area, the uncertainty about what it is about and how it is applied increases. It’s not uncommon for salespeople to stop and think: will technology take my place when selling? Is Artificial Intelligence my ally or my enemy after all?

It is undeniable that technology is advancing faster than we can often keep up. Technology is present in basically any action we take on a daily basis. So, thinking that sales would stand apart from that doesn’t make much sense, right?

That’s why, in this article, we’ll talk about how Artificial Intelligence is, yes, an ally of that seller who wants to sell more and better and be more and more expert in what he does. And that AI is essential for companies that want to increase profit and reduce sales costs.

Come on?

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Applied artificial intelligence: she is your partner

According to a Gartner survey , only 5% to 10% of companies use the technology – and all the possibilities it offers – in a beneficial way.

While there may be resistance from a commercial team to filling out a CRM , for example, the reality is that AI will never be able to replace human contact.

Building relationships, dealing with people, knowing how to listen and speak the right word at the right time. This will only be done from people to people. The seller will always be important and no technology can replace him.

That said, are we going to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence combined with sales?

Focus on data

AI and data. One completes the other – be aware of that. A good CRM will provide valuable data to salespeople. However, it will only be an effective ally if the commercial team understands the importance of using it. Therefore, encouraging agile transformation in companies is a good way out.

Only by fostering a culture of shared knowledge and constant process improvement, a sales team will be able to have, via CRM, an assertive use of the information contained in it.

Artificial Intelligence in sales will force salespeople to pay more attention to the data they are collecting. Therefore, it will be necessary to focus both on the quantity and quality of information. The AI ​​will get everything organized so the human side can come into play.

The salesperson, armed with knowledge – which is stored within the CRM – about the customer’s pain will know how to be assertive both in the solution offered, and even in the speech and tone of voice adopted.

Within this reality, it is essential to have sales software that allows calls to be recorded so that the sales team, managers and directors can listen later. Thus, it is much easier to understand what you need to close a deal.

There is more to take care of;

There are other important factors to watch out for that can go unnoticed by human eyes. Tracking, for example, how quickly a customer moves from one stage of the sales funnel to another is not so easy to do.

If you were to do this without the use of technology, would you be able not to lose any information along the way, dealing with a large volume of customers? Hardly, is it?

How much valuable data would be wasted, how many insights left aside to improve companies’ business process. Better not even think…

This is the role of the AI. Organize and categorize valuable information to enhance a salesperson’s work.

predictive analytics

Predictive analytics are sales models based on historical information. In other words, it will show the path that a sales team will have to take to be successful in a negotiation.

These are actions mapped for sellers to follow to more easily get the sale. Therefore, putting together a sales playbook is essential – but this must be done using the data that the CRM makes available, in order to be successful when it is applied.

Knowing which way to go is essential. Having relevant and categorized information, it is possible to know where the sales process is failing  and if there is a need to invest in training, for example. This saves time trying to find gaps in business strategy within companies.

Who provides this? Artificial Intelligence, of course.

The seller is a human being;

Stop being a robot and be a real person. Stop doing manual work (crtl c + ctrl v) of information from one spreadsheet to another, from spreadsheet to email , etc. The seller is a person and needs to act as such. The AI ​​exists to finish this robotic work that was once done by the human hand.

Thus, the seller can build relationships and close deals. Focus on listening to the customer’s pains in a more attentive way – without bothering to fill out spreadsheets to try not to lose any information – and propose the best solution for those on the other end of the line.

More than that, by constantly listening to what the customer needs, sellers will have more and more insights to help improve the solution they deliver to the market. After all, the product needs to adapt to the customer, not the other way around, right?

There are tools that help in these matters and are the great promise for the future: chatbots. Understand how it can leverage the success of your business .

A CRM is essential at these times

Having an intuitive CRM is essential. After all, no software sells any product or service alone. He needs people who use him to the best of his ability.

That’s why it’s important:

  • Automate data collection. This way, information will always be captured and you won’t miss a thing along the way of the buyer’s journey;
  • Integrating CRM with other systems is important for companies to always have as much relevant information as possible (marketing and sales need to dialogue!);
  • Using a sales playbook reinforces a company’s culture and image and ensures that basic data is always collected before the customer moves through the funnels;
  • Always standardize. Use the same nomenclature so as not to have disconnected or scattered information.

So, how can we help you?

Enjoy and access our article that tells what a CRM is and how it helps companies and also how to create a healthy sales routine in companies.

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