Organizational culture

Organizational culture: the importance and how to create in companies

Create an organizational culture within companies it is a matter of intelligence. It’s strategic. Stop and think: how much time do we spend in our life dedicated to activities in the work routine? Enough, right? So why don’t companies create mechanisms to ensure the constant engagement and motivation of their employees? Are there goals to be met, objectives to be achieved […]

Cross selling

Cross selling and up selling: what are they? What are the differences? Check it all out!

Cross selling and up selling are not the same thing – and you need to have that clear in your head if you want to fully exploit your customers’ buying potential. These are sales that are not planned, but that should not be put aside. After all, you want customers who are delighted with your brand, right? […]

Sales Manager

Sales Manager: What Does Him Do And How To Be One With Manager?

A sales manager must reflect the full spirit of any company’s sales team. It is where salespeople and pre-salespeople will be able to work on a day-to-day basis. It is through him, through his leadership, that a company can sell more, better and grow. At each end of the year, goals are analyzed, planning is made – or redone […]

Product Qualified Lead

PQL (Product Qualified Lead): what is it and tips to generate and sell.

PQL, Product Qualified Lead, are leads that have already tried your product or service, understood the value and benefit and are now ready and willing to buy. They had a positive experience and your sales team needs to contact them to become a customer. However, some strategies are needed at this time. Convincing someone who has already […]

Remote work

Remote work: 6 tips for management and the assertive sales routine

Remote sales work, in times of forced pandemics such as Covid-19, became a necessity for those companies that could do it. However, for the management and the commercial routine not to be a burden, some actions are necessary. It is not uncommon at these times, speaking of sales management, for a leader to feel that she […]