Business Consulting: When is it Time to Ask for Help?

Do you know what business consulting is?  Consulting is a professional activity of diagnosis and formulation of solutions about a subject or specialty. But there is a little more to this work than just diagnosing and formulating. Nowadays, mainly due to the immense volume of information available and the speed at which markets evolve, a business consultancy […]

Financial management for e-commerce: 8 tips to ensure your online store remains profitable and profitable

Do you know how to manage your store with regard to Financial Management of e-commerce? It may seem like a bold question, but I imagine your day must be very busy, and full of worries: Are we selling a lot? Do we have enough stock? Are suppliers being paid on time? Are customers happy? Ufa! There are so many […]


Hotmart: what is it, where does it come from, how it works and the main advantages of the platform for those who want to undertake in the infoproduct market

Have you thought about transforming all your knowledge and experiences into infoproducts and start earning money online? This market has been expanding rapidly in recent years. More and more people are becoming digital entrepreneurs by marketing online courses and other types of content. For this entrepreneurship model to be effective, these people need to have a digital platform […]


SEO: what is it, how to apply it, strategies, tips… and a complete guide!

SEO is a set of optimization techniques used to place your website in the top positions of Google. Find out in this article what SEO is and what it’s for. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, means optimization for search engines. It is the set of techniques to optimize websites, blogs or pages on the internet. This work aims to […]


What is storytelling and why is this strategy so effective

The storytelling, although not a new technique, is something that is still quite effective and is a powerful ally of the companies. Telling or listening to a story – who doesn’t? Since when we were children this was already part of our routine and our imagination, wasn’t it? Our past as a civilization, by the way, is […]


Growth hacking: what is it and how does it work? See everything here!

Growth hacking is an empirical way of working. It is a set of practices and strategies that aim, through experimentation, the uninterrupted growth of companies in different sectors. This term may seem like a big novelty, but it is already a well-known practice in the market. And companies that want to accelerate their earnings have been adopting […]

Customer service

Customer service: 30 tips for your business

Good customer service is a daily must for any company. It is essential to ensure the success of any business. To help you, we have separated 30 essential tips to always serve your customers well. What company can be successful if it does not provide good customer service on a daily basis? You’ve probably already stopped to think […]


Administrative management: check out the best practices for your company

Having an effective administrative management is one of the demands that the contemporary world brings to companies. To succeed in this mission, organizations need to take a full-time look at the whole. Market, customers, employees, technology… all of this is within the scope of best practices when managing any business. The subject, of course, is broad. It is quite […]

Service channels

Service channels: which ones are best for your company?

Learn how to choose the best service channels for your business and learn how to manage them more effectively. Customer service has become one of the most important factors for a company to stand out in the market. These days, it’s impossible to remember a brand and think you can’t get in touch with it, […]