Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition: what is it? How to make? Learn everything here!

The customer acquisition it is essential for companies that want to grow and expand their business. Whether they are just starting businesses or those that have been on the road for some time, attracting new customers remains a challenge that needs to be overcome. After all, it is not uncommon for a company to find itself […]


My team doesn’t want to use CRM! And now, what to do?

Team can use  CRM for day-to-day sales . In theory, there’s You went after it, researched, prospected, and finally your sales nothing to worry about anymore, right? After all, your salespeople will have a complete tool that will help your team’s basic sales routine and, consequently, your sales forecast is assured. Yes, but between theory and […]


Omnichannel: what is it and how does CRM help in this strategy?

The omnichannel concept, which is not new in the US or Europe, is gaining strength in Brazil. The truth is that having a single sales channel makes less sense every day for retail companies, for example. After all, people are connected all the time and are always looking for new options, alternatives for consumption. Those who are not prepared to […]

CRM in Business

CRM in Business: A Guide to the Advantages of CRM for Your Business

A CRM in companies is the catalyst for the sales process of any business. It is through technology that you have actions, strategies, policies, integrations and all the resources to attract, delight, sell, retain and retain customers. Therefore, understanding what CRM software does for your business is very important. Even if you’ve never used a CRM system before, you’ve […]


Customer focus, what is it and how to have it? Check out 10 strategies

Have the customer focus is a matter of strategy and even intelligence within every company. After all, we all know it very well. Without customers, what sense does any business make, right? More than that. Without satisfied consumers, loyal to the brand, how to be successful in entrepreneurship? Difficult. Successful companies are necessarily customer-focused. But, don’t confuse focusing on who consumes your […]