Lean Selling

The Basic Guide on Lean Selling

Lean Selling is another sales methodology, as well as SPIN Selling , Agile Selling and several others. The catch here, however, is that this methodology is not just about how to sell, but about the entire process behind the final product: a successful sale. But after all, the concept of Lean is well known to all of […]

Email marketing

Email marketing: what it is, why and how to use it

Email marketing is not just about promoting products and attracting customers, it is also a powerful tool to strengthen the relationship with those who are already customers. Do you know how to maintain your relationship with them? Email marketing is the use of email campaigns, in digital marketing, to attract, retain, delight and retain customers. The objective […]

Digital Marketing

Marketing Tips: 31 Tips for Every Type of Business

Following some marketing tips makes small details that we miss in our day-to-day strategies don’t go unnoticed. The competition is big – and also active – and you can’t sit still without always looking for the best for your business, can you? You’re certainly already using the internet to sell more and communicate with your audience. But you […]


Marketing Automation: Benefits, How to Use and More!

Marketing automation is the action of deploying technology to strategically and staggered increase conversions and results in a company’s marketing sector. Identifying, impacting, captivating and conquering your target audience is possible through this practice. Therefore, you need to understand its usage and benefits well. What company does not wish to have, day after day, not only assertiveness […]