cost of sales

Find out how to reduce your company’s cost of sales

CONTENT ABOUT MARKETING . Summary Understanding Cost of Sales what should be administered How to reduce the cost of sales effectively Finding a way to reduce the cost of sales is an obsession for any professional. Find out where to attack to reduce this cost! Cost of Sales ! Many companies close their doors due to a lack of understanding […]

no-show in sales

How to deal with no-show in sales?

Do you know what no-show is ? The term originates from English and means, in free translation, “non-attendance”. It is very common in the hotel business and civil aviation, when a passenger or guest, voluntarily or involuntarily, does not attend the reservation made. In inside sales , a no-show happens when a meeting – via phone, Hangout, Skype, […]


5 SXSW 2019 trends that can be applied to your sales

What comes to your mind when we talk about SXSW ? Music, cinema, film, games, comedy and technology… lots of technology, right? The event , which takes place annually, is one of the most important in the world to address new technologies and the creative economy. The 2019 edition of SXSW took place in Austin, Texas/USA, between March 9th and […]


Sales funnel: what is it, steps and how to structure it? See everything here!

Learn how to control the Sales Funnel to boost your team’s business process. Understand the differences for Shopping Journey. Sales Funnel is a tool that helps sales and marketing teams guide a potential customer on their buying journey. It is a structure created to accompany and guide a customer on their purchase journey, starting with the […]


All about lead: what it is, how to generate, nurture, qualify and sell

Lead is your company’s potential customer, who has the ideal profile and is interested in purchasing your product/service. Learn from this post how to identify your lead, what a qualified lead is, what the best lead generation practices are and how to generate your leads. Lead is the name given to the person who visited your […]

how to apply

External sales: what is it, aspects and how to apply?

External sales, despite the advancement of technology that allows to sell internally, is still a resource widely used by companies. Of course, not all companies still use this way of selling. But it is, yes, effective and makes a lot of sense in several segments. That door-to-door salesperson still has a positive impact on many customers. […]

Cross selling

Cross selling and up selling: what are they? What are the differences? Check it all out!

Cross selling and up selling are not the same thing – and you need to have that clear in your head if you want to fully exploit your customers’ buying potential. These are sales that are not planned, but that should not be put aside. After all, you want customers who are delighted with your brand, right? […]

Sales Manager

Sales Manager: What Does Him Do And How To Be One With Manager?

A sales manager must reflect the full spirit of any company’s sales team. It is where salespeople and pre-salespeople will be able to work on a day-to-day basis. It is through him, through his leadership, that a company can sell more, better and grow. At each end of the year, goals are analyzed, planning is made – or redone […]