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The customer acquisition it is essential for companies that want to grow and expand their business. Whether they are just starting businesses or those that have been on the road for some time, attracting new customers remains a challenge that needs to be overcome. After all, it is not uncommon for a company to find itself in some kind of “tangle”. After all, at first, she applied a strategy that, now, is not working. However, radically changing or even adapting it to risky. So what to do? To make this work more assertive, so that it takes place within the company’s values, we have set out some tips to help you in attracting customers. Differentiate yourself, show the value of the solution you sell, make sure the customer is an expert on the subject. That’s what you need to look for in your business. That’s what helps you attract more and more customers. After all, the objective is this: to guarantee the trust of your prospect , act in a way that delights him so that, at the end of the buyer’s journey, he becomes, effectively, a customer. Come on? Good reading!

How to attract customers? See strategies to capture customers

We have separated some tips for you who want to attract more customers but, for some reason, have been facing problems in this task. Remember, too, that it’s important to do this following your company’s values, being truthful and showing who you are, ok? This makes it much easier to replicate this strategy. Let’s go to the tips:

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Know your persona

It may seem obvious, but ignoring basic issues is not that rare. The fact is that you need to know the persona, the profile of your target audience. It is essential to know who the buyer of your product and service is in order to direct your strategies. And this ranges from the way you present yourself, speech, to the content generated, which makes sense to him and meets his needs. If you don’t have the persona mapped, then get to work. Research, ask, analyze the competition and who your buyers are. But if you already have it, it’s time to think about how to solve this person’s pain. How, in what formats, can you communicate that what you sell is ideal for her? Make a good analysis of your business scenario. Your employees and your marketing structure today. What can you do immediately? How many people need to be involved? And money? Start with what you can get right now and expand.

Show that you are a reference in what you do

Create trust in those who are looking for a solution to the problem. Show an image of credibility, of a subject matter expert. That’s what you need to look for. This is the image your company needs to have. Focusing on the product and sales pitch is important – but this is for a second moment. You only show that you’ve mastered the subject for those who don’t already know your brand when you generate relevant content about what you sell. An effective way to do this is with a blog . In it, show that you know how to understand the pain of people who are looking for solutions; that you know trends and dominate the market. To do this is to apply customer acquisition by inbound marketing, which we talk about more in this article here .

offer rich materials

Another way to show that you are a reference in the segment in which you work is to create rich materials. If you are saas, or you work in B2B sales, why not create ready-made templates for customers to apply? Why not, for example, make an editable sales playbook template that people can apply to their business? Or, offer other types of educational content, such as eBooks, infographics, spreadsheets, quiz, games (why not?), among others. It is important, of course, to create a landing page, with a registration form, in order to capture this lead’s contact.

Approach without being invasive

Another effective way to attract customers is by sending emails – and here we are also talking about cold mail by the pre-sales team . But, speaking of email marketing, when you deliver quality content created, create an assertive speech aligned with your company’s values, this generates value for those who read it. However, it is important that it makes sense of what is being sent. Segment well and put CTA (Call To Action) for whoever received it. Invite for a trial period in your tool, or offer some discount or benefit.

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Interact where people are

Social networks need to function as a link between people and the company. It is necessary to use them in order to reduce distances. For this reason, just publicizing the product or service you sell makes no sense. Invest in style. Put personality into what you post. Believe in a language of your own. In addition to distributing the content you’ve created (blog text, rich materials, etc.) why not put in some everyday stuff in your business? By reducing barriers, you create a more humanized relationship, showing yourself at the disposal of those who eventually showed interest in your brand. And take the opportunity to deliver your content through creative and personalized push notifications. What about?

Seek brand evangelists

Another effective way to help attract customers is to engage brand evangelists. These are those customers who have been with you for some time and your solution has served them perfectly. More than that, you ensured his success (customer success) and he indicates new customers for you. So make it appear. Put social proof on your site – comments from them telling you how your product or service really works. Build, also, on your website, a text talking about these cases and spread them around, via social networks or emails. So, again, you will be building a reference image in the area in which you work.

Organize prospecting in your CRM

To have all the processes organized, you can use a good CRM software to prospect for customers . Automated emails, integration with lead generation via Facebook Leads , integration with LinkedIn , landing pages and many others. By placing the generated leads in your marketing or pre-sales funnel, it is much easier to qualify the contact, nurture this lead to, finally, be able to seal the sale, within the chosen sales system . Well, now it’s time to put these actions into practice. Following sales techniques makes it easier to turn prospects into actual customers. So, how can we help you ?If you want to know more about customer acquisition technology: TALK TO A CONSULTANT . Good sales! A hug from Pipe Run, your CRM. #Run Pipe Run