E-mail marketing

Email marketing is not just about promoting products and attracting customers, it is also a powerful tool to strengthen the relationship with those who are already customers. Do you know how to maintain your relationship with them?

Email marketing is the use of email campaigns, in digital marketing, to attract, retain, delight and retain customers. The objective is to improve commercial results and also strengthen the brand. For this, however, some care and requirements are necessary for this mission to be successful in companies.

Relate to your customers. Impact them positively. Show how unamicable your company is.

What manager doesn’t want this continuously for their business? Being relevant and differentiating yourself amidst the flood of content we all receive on a daily basis is, however, difficult.

How to be relevant to the point that you can’t be ignored? Email marketing campaigns, when they deliver the value customers need, achieve that goal.

Of course the way to get there is not, never has been and probably will not be an easy one. But you need to start because it’s worth it.

When you create a long-lasting and healthy relationship with your customers, the fruits to be reaped further on are always positive.

Therefore, in this article, we will address several issues involving email marketing.

Concept, benefits, types, tips and also how to make your campaigns more efficient every day – regardless of the moment.

Thus, you will make this mission much easier and also fluid within your business.

Let’s check it out?

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that is based on the communication between the company and customers through the sending of emails.

It is a contact made through one or more shots for a specific targeting. And it usually happens through a marketing automation platform (such as Mail Chimp, LAHAR, Lead Lovers, Dynamite or RD Station).

With this, it is possible to make a personalized large-scale delivery, targeted to the interests of the selected audience.

It is common to send marketing emails to:

  • offer products or services;
  • send promotions, discounts;
  • confirm a purchase and carry out post-sales actions ;
  • send relevant content to prospects ;
  • Send the newsletter with news, among others.

Email marketing is not and cannot be seen as something invasive, which aims solely to sell and “push” something to people.

These resources were often seen as a kind of virtual telemarketing, indiscriminately sending offers to those who had not even shown interest.

However, over the years, there has been evolution and a better understanding of how this can be applied.

Although there is competition from other means – such as What Sapp -, targeting the audience according to interest, income, age, region, gender, among others, is something that only email marketing brings with precision.

After all, using this strategy you get a larger (and predictable) reach, use flexible formats and get a financial return when you combine inbound marketing strategies, for example.

In the right way, with patience, you’ll be able to promote your content, engage your leads, and nurture and educate them so they can feel confident buying.

When this happens, what we call “the passing of the baton” will take place. That lead will be ready for an SDR to qualify for the sale.

By following these steps, sales are much easier to occur. After all, he will be confident and confident that his company is what he needs.

5 tips on how to create effective email marketing

Email marketing is one of the main tools, and one of the favorites by experts in terms of digital marketing. But that you probably already know.

Among the many advantages of using this tool is the ability to segment it in any way the company sees fit.

Which is an advantage, for example, in relation to What Sapp, an increasingly common tool for attracting customers and relating to them.

Besides, of course, the personal character of the messages that conveys the feeling of intimacy between the sender and the lead.

We’ve selected some of our best email marketing tips for you to use in your business.

1 – Show the path that will be taken

You must have already received an email marketing from those who keep revealing some details about the next message, just to make you curious, right?

This is precisely the great idea of ​​email marketing: make you wait for the next message!

Sending emails to your customers, if done wrong, can be a “shot in the foot” and generate many cancellations.

In order to avoid this inconvenience, giving a preview of the content that the lead will receive in the next messages will leave your email marketing with “I want more”.

Want an example?

Take a look at the image below, it shows you in a very simple way, how to get the attention of your leads.

2 – Don’t sell products, sell the results they will generate

Today we know that customers who receive email marketing containing offers of products and services spend on average 83% more on online purchases.

In other words, this shows that it is worth investing in this tool!

However, if you accept the challenge of promoting your product or service through email marketing, it is important to know how to approach customers.

When presenting your company’s product or service, do not focus entirely on its technical specifications.

Also, always try to emphasize the results that the products can offer and the problems they will solve.

This way, it is easier for the customer to understand why he needs the products your company is selling.

3 – Segment your customers well

For your company to achieve great results with email marketing, it is very important to segment your customers well.

That’s because different buyer personas tend to have different shopping journeys.

Even if the offer is the same for all consumers, segmenting your contacts makes you better target your efforts.

And, of course, better adapt the campaigns for each group, according to their specific demands.

Divide contacts according to profile by creating a buyer persona and set up a campaign for each group that is targeted to their interests.

4 – Assess the quality of your leads

Email marketing leads

Every company has that lead that just “goes with the flow” of automation but doesn’t consume any content.

That is, whoever downloaded a funnel top material, and is reaching the stage of offering him some kind of service. However, he did not interact at any time, did not click on any link in the email.

And now you’re in doubt whether this lead can still survive, whether it can be saved, or whether it’s necessary to let go because it won’t move forward.

How do you make this choice?

Analyze his score, the profile and purchase intent he has demonstrated, and whether he fits the persona that has been defined for your company.

From the analysis of the lead’s potential, you decide whether to invest your time to save it or to let go of it altogether.

5 – After downloading, continue offering content

When a lead downloads material, you direct them to the thank you page, or thank you page – whichever you prefer.

Don’t just use this page to say thank you, offer him the next step. This can be in the form of:

  • a post that complements the material he downloaded;
  • a new material that follows;
  • A video explaining how to take advantage of the material he is receiving, etc.

In other words, indicating an upcoming content, you will have the chance to request different data and collect more information to complete the lead profile.


3 different types of email marketing to delight customers

It’s common for marketers to spend a lot of time focusing their efforts on emails to convert leads into consumers, isn’t it?

However, this focus often results in forgetting to build a relationship with consumers. You know, I’m talking about those people who love us already and would keep buying from us with just one post.

Which is much better.

The important thing about communication via email marketing is that the person should not feel that this is just marketing interested in selling.

Read: no one can force anyone to buy something.

Just be careful before planning your email marketing action. Is this content really relevant and necessary, or is it just one of the many emails your customer receives each day?

Remember that first of all you need to analyze your customer, understand their needs and adapt your email marketing approach accordingly

Here are some options for emails that look more like love letters than marketing strategies.

1 – The almighty thank you note

It can (and should) after the customer has downloaded some rich materials that your company has produced.

You send an email marketing stating the importance of the content and the link to it. When the client downloads, a new email is sent.

In it, you can thank the content for being downloaded, as well as comment on the teachings and the value of what you have produced.

This is the communication that today’s consumers like and that make a total difference. The intention must always be to humanize the company and thank them for their trust.

As a bonus, take advantage of and also indicate other services that may be solutions for your consumer.

It’s not too much?

Obviously the email is intended to sell (we all know) but this needs to be communicated in a subtle and friendly way.

It’s the way to gain trust and have a paved path to understand how to delight the customer of your business.

Saying thank you really increases your chance of creating ambassadors for your brand. Why not try?

2 – The cordial reminder message

Types of email marketing

Reminder emails are a great way to keep in touch with your customers and provide them with a free service.

When you offer your customers something of value, they will be more likely to respond positively to your marketing efforts.

Reminders about an item relevant to your customer’s life are perfect examples.

3 – The apology letter

Another great way to communicate with today’s consumers? The apology letter.

Seriously, the simple act of contrition can go even further with your consumers.

Everyone makes mistakes, and there are no problems. The company should be able to say, “I’m sorry. You expect more from us. We will do better”.

It can happen if a deal is not closed, or if the lead has not advanced in the customer journey.

How to make an email marketing campaign on commemorative dates? See 8 steps!

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day… phew, there are many commemorative dates for a year.

We certainly missed a few there. But, one way or another, they are all good business opportunities – and you need to take advantage of them.

An email that delivers value and is attractive can be the perfect bait for you to attract more customers to your company.

Of course, to be efficient and effective in this endeavor, some steps are important.

Segmentation is critical to being successful and understanding how to approach the customer in a truly assertive way.

Here are some important requirements to be fulfilled at this time:

1 – Caprice in format and design

Design adds value to all products, regardless of their segment. In email marketing, this is no different.

It is necessary to value a design that attracts attention and that reaches the public in the right way.

To differentiate your campaign on the commemorative dates from other emails sent throughout the year, it is necessary to innovate:

  • in design;
  • in communication;
  • in call-to-action;
  • in the images;
  • In the messages.

Pay attention to the arrangement of information and photos to create a visually appealing piece.

A simple yet elegant design can make a difference and at least hold the customer’s interest for precious seconds that make them purchase the product being promoted.

Oh, and never forget to wish everyone a good holiday, or “happy day of the…” to everyone at the end of the message, ok?

2 – Define the campaign focus

Email marketing campaign focus

Do you want to sell more? Want to engage the consumer in an interactive campaign? Do you want to forward suggestions, ideas or inspirations to your contacts?

Or just send a congratulations or just wish something?

Whatever the objective, establish it and make it clear when planning your email marketing – even to avoid frustration with the result of the campaign.

3 – Segment and customize

The biggest mistake of an email marketing campaign is trying to speak to the world, to have a wide reach.

Therefore, check that your database is properly filled out and updated.

On commemorative dates, we receive dozens and dozens of messages that, sometimes, because they are so generic, they end up passing through.

Use recipient information to personalize your messages and carefully select the content that will be presented to them.

Make a one-to-one communication, treating them as unique individuals.

After sending the first email, analyze the results generated and create new segments based on user interaction with the message sent, in addition to the rates of email opens and clicks on links within the email directing to your website.

Get to know your customer well, so that you can send those products and information that interest them.

4 – Create relevant content

email marketing content

Think and research innovative actions in the message content. Remember that despite all targeting, it’s critical to be relevant and timely.

Email marketing must be expected, wanted and treated with the expectation of adding to the user, making their life better in some way.

Remember that in addition to offering relevant content, you need to create a differentiator for your company.

The “more of the same”, sending generically to the emails of customers and partners or exaggerating the length of the message, no longer works.

Even because, today, there are tools to customize messages and also guides for creating campaigns.

The best way to reach the audience is to invest in creative design or creative writing.

A relaxed language that contains a little humor or a story works great.

Or, a link to a video or some other rich content makes your email marketing go from generic to personalize and from “soft” to “engaging”.

5 – Use the right frequency

The increase in the frequency of sending emails on commemorative dates is something natural. That’s because, even close to the actual date, there are always those people who are late with their purchases and who need options “urgently”.

However, be careful not to be insistent, or worse, appealing. So, be very careful, the interaction must be in the right measure.

Prevent your campaign from joining this list of messages marked as spam. Inform and offer content and promotions to your audience in a succinct and convenient way, without being pushy.

Follow the reports of email marketing sending’s to verify the interest of recipients in the generated content and check if this action is really bringing returns.

6 – However, don’t be late!

email marketing content

If your goal is to offer products to customers, it’s no use offering discounts and promotions if your product doesn’t arrive on the date the customer needs, right?

In addition to leaving the customer frustrated, this will put an end to your action.

If you organize, normally the big movement of the commerce starts two weeks in advance;

Evaluate your company’s conditions and offers and offer the best experience for the buyer and, of course: seek to ensure full-time customer success.

7 – Show your difference

Make a study of actions that are being taken by your competitors and create a competitive differential to deal with these campaigns.

Think about what they are not doing and what you could do better.

In addition to points like design and content, think of other things that might appeal to consumers (such as offers, progressive discounts or even prizes). The customer needs to know what the difference in your product is and why you should choose it and not others.

For B2B companies, for example, in addition to the traditional reminder by date, how about including an invitation to a get-together or a benefit related to the service provided by your company?

In times of economic difficulties, offering a discount or special condition can have a positive effect – especially in end-of-year messages.

8 – Integrate the campaign with social media

Encourage sharing and expand your campaign’s reach. Social networks gain a lot of prominence on commemorative dates like this one.

But if you choose to leave it to the last minute…

Even if you haven’t prepared your email marketing campaign, you can still benefit if you adopt a quick and well-planned strategy.

It’s in the last few days that the demand for gifts really increases, right? And you’ll want to offer a solution that works for procrastinators.

For deals, think about guaranteed delivery and gift cards, as well as quick-finish products and high-priced packages.

The idea is to offer the best gifts with the guarantee that they will arrive on time.

But if you want to enjoy the post…

It’s a great opportunity to send out emails after the date to attract cautious shoppers or those who really missed the moment.

Some consumers may also be waiting for product discounts. Just don’t forget to unsubscribe those people who have already shopped.

Checklist for an email marketing campaign

Email marketing, you know, has gained in popularity because it produces results. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, it was still a novelty.

Although today it is not the only tool used for customer relations, it remains very effective.

E-mail accessibility, therefore, means that marketers must work hard to cut through the clutter.

In the past, having permission to send marketing emails was preferred, now it is required.

Ultimately, the company should put more effort into communicating via email, based on goals and objectives and a long-term view of results.

Whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasonal professional, having a strategy and a step-by-step guide on where to go is a critical success factor in this mission.

Nobody is perfect, and human error is inevitable.

However, when it comes to email marketing campaigns, even the simplest mistake can mean a reason for your email to be opened or immediately trashed.

Step by step to an effective email marketing campaign

Now that you know the importance of email marketing, how to create good campaigns and also how to differentiate yourself, you need to take a step by step so you don’t forget any relevant details.

We’ve made a checklist to help you avoid the most common mistakes at this point:

  1. Make all links work. Are they all in the right place? And direct to the right place?
  2. Do you have a plain text version? Is it the same as your HTML content?
  3. Do you have alt tags and do they show links?
  4. Do all your images have links? And are they going to the right place?
  5. Is your email personalized and names formatted correctly on your list?
  6. Do you have an unsubscribe button and does it work? And an attractive CTA?
  7. Do you have reliable text on the form?
  8. Are you tracking your links through Google Analytics?
  9. Have you cleared your opt outs distribution list?
  10. How does your email appear in the inbox of different customers?

Take advantage, if you wish, and make use of some customer message templates. Thus, adapting to the profile of your consumers, you save time and manage to be more productive in this endeavor.

So, how can we help you?

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The first addresses some strategies and how to be more assertive when attracting customers.

The second talks about how to carry out an active prospection of consumers for your company.

Good sales!