Have you thought about transforming all your knowledge and experiences into infoproducts and start earning money online?

This market has been expanding rapidly in recent years. More and more people are becoming digital entrepreneurs by marketing online courses and other types of content.

For this entrepreneurship model to be effective, these people need to have a digital platform where they can create, host and promote their infoproducts. And that is exactly what Hotmart proposes to do .

Founded in 2011, Hotmart is a company from Minas Gerais that connects producers, affiliates and buyers, providing a digital space so that they can sell and buy courses online safely and make it a good source of income .

If you are interested in entering the infoproducts market and start an entrepreneur without leaving your home, Hotmart can help you with several possibilities.

In this guide, you will find out everything you need about Hotmart . We invite you to continue reading to check the next lines:

We can define “ what is Hotmart” as an online platform that offers tools and solutions aimed at the infoproducts market .

The Hotmart company was created in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and today is positioned as the largest company in the infoproducts segment in Latin America and one of the largest in the world.

Hotmart’s platform currently hosts more than 150,000 online courses. In addition, the company has already surpassed 7 million sales of infoproducts in 188 countries.

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Want to know more about Hotmart? So, take a look at this video about the company.

The origin of Hotmart: how did it all start?

The Hotmart company was founded in 2011 by friends João Pedro Resende and Mateus Bicalho . Both studied Computer Science and even worked together in a technology company.

The first sketch of what would become Hotmart came in 2007, when João Pedro created an e-book about paid traffic and was struggling to find a way to make this material reach people interested in buying it.

It was from this that he teamed up with his friend Mateus Bicalho to develop an idea that was still very embryonic at the beginning of the last decade.

In 2010, João Pedro and Mateus started the Hotmart programming. The goal was to design a platform through which users could create and market digital products, such as the e-book that JP wanted to sell there in 2007.

After launching it the following year, Hotmart began to gain capillarity in the national infoproducts market and it did not take long to expand the borders of Brazil.

Today, in addition to the capital of Minas Gerais, Hotmart also has offices in Spain, Mexico, Holland, Colombia and the United States.

How Hotmart works: discover how to sell on Hotmart and earn money from this platform as a Producer or Affiliate and become a digital entrepreneur

We just introduced you to what Hotmart is and how it came about.

In summary, Hotmart is a platform aimed at digital entrepreneurship . People interested in creating an online business use Hotmart to host and market infoproducts such as courses, e-books, podcasts and various other content formats.

The entrepreneur can create an infoproduct from scratch or else sell other people’s infoproducts in exchange for a commission for the sales.

Now, we are going to explain the steps of how to sell on Hotmart and get a good source of income without having to leave your home. Read on to check:

How does the Hotmart platform work in practice?

The working dynamics of the Hotmart platform is very simple and uncomplicated.

Is it a Good Time to Get a House?

To understand how Hotmart works , it is necessary that we explain 3 actors that participate in the Hotmart digital market . We are talking about the Producer , the Affiliate and the Buyer .


The producer is the person who creates the infoproduct. It is the person who thinks about the content and prepares the course, manual or e-book, for example, which will be put up for sale on the Hotmart platform.


To help leverage infoproduct sales, the Producer can count on the help of Affiliates.

The Affiliate is the person who will advertise the course online. For each sale that the Affiliate manages to make, he will receive a commission on the value of the infoproduct.


Finally, the Buyer is the person who is looking to expand their knowledge about specific subjects dealt with in the infoproducts available on the Hotmart platform. It is he who will buy the material directly from the Producer or an Affiliate.

At Hotmart, anyone over 18 years old can register on the platform and start selling infoproducts, whether they are their own or not – in this case, managing the author, content producer.

The technology offered by Hotmart gives access to the tools necessary for people to become digital entrepreneurs and have a profitable online business, even without having great technical knowledge.

What is a digital product?

Well, now that we’ve shown how this platform works, it’s time for you to find out in detail how to sell with Hotmart.

The first step to know how to sell and therefore how to make money with Hotmart is to understand what digital products themselves are.

These are materials that are produced and sold in a digital environment and that add value to those who purchase such products.

Digital products, or infoproducts, do not depend on a physical structure or space for storage.

There are several types of products that can be sold on Hotmart, see a complete list.

What types of digital products can be sold at Hotmart?

You can sell any digital content that adds value to a company or a person who is looking for training, acquiring knowledge, skills or solving a problem, whether in your personal or professional life.

For example, an e-book on sales strategies can help a business manager of a company, or a mobile app to organize their daily lives can help people lead more productive lives and achieve goals.

See a full list of examples:

  • Online Courses, Members Area, Subscription Services;
  • eBooks, Documents;
  • Tickets for events;
  • Serial Numbers, Discount Coupons;
  • Mobile Applications;
  • Templates, Source Codes;
  • Screencasts, Films, Clips;
  • Audios, Music, Ringtones;
  • software, downloadable programs;
  • Images, Icons, Photos;

Between others.

Now that you know more about Hotmart and the universe of products that can be sold through the platform, we invite you to check out more details on how you can become a Producer or an Affiliate at Hotmart and start earning money.

What is a Hotmart Producer?

The Hotmart Producer is the person (or company) that develops a digital product and makes it available on the Hotmart platform so that interested users can buy it.

The Producer has knowledge and experience on a certain subject and creates an infoproduct related to this subject that he knows very well.

What is a Hotmart Affiliate

The Hotmart Affiliate, in turn, is the person who has good sales skills and masters the marketing strategies. He will then promote the infoproducts authored by other Producers, making the digital product reach potentially interested people.

From each sale that the Affiliate manages to make, he will receive a commission.

How to sell on Hotmart as a Producer?

The first step to start earning money as a Producer at Hotmart is to register on the platform’s website.

When accessing the Hotmart website, you must click on the “Sign Up” button, located in the upper right corner of the page. You will then be directed to a new window, in which the following registration data will be entered:

  • Full name;
  • Email;
  • Password.

Then select your goal, which is to sell products. If you want to become an affiliate, tick this option and see how to proceed further. Then, agree to the “Terms of Use” and click “Continue”.

How to register your product?

Inside the platform there will be a menu on the left side of the page. Within this menu click on “Products” and then on “Register Product”. Define the format of your infoproduct and fill in some information, such as:

  • Product name and description with at least 200 characters;
  • Cover photo in JPG, PNG or GIF formats and up to 5MB in size
  • Language;
  • Operating market;
  • Product category.

Then, click on “Continue” to be directed to a new page, in which you must inform the currency in which your infoproduct will be sold and the warranty period (7, 15, 21 or 30 days).

Next, you need to inform the Hotmart payment method (in cash, in installments, with or without installment fee). We’ll talk more about them below, so you don’t get lost in this walkthrough.

Finally, establish the price of your infoproduct and inform if you agree to enable automatic conversion to international currencies.

Click on “Save” and wait up to 3 days for Hotmart to evaluate and complete the registration of your infoproduct and make it available for sale on the platform.

In this video you can find more tips on how to sell on Hotmart.

What types and forms of payment are available at Hotmart?

The Hotmart payment method is the means by which the purchase will be paid by your consumer, such as credit card or bank transfer. The type of payment is the way in which the customer will pay: in cash or in installments.

Hotmart offers a number of payment methods, check out:

  • Credit card
  • Bank slip
  • bank debt
  • PIX
  • Credit Card via PayPal
  • Hotmart Balance
  • Virtual debit card cashier

To define the payment methods for your infoproducts, access checkout settings, select the product and choose the payment method.

Payment types for sales in Brazil are as follows:

  • Cash only: no installment payment option
  • Installment with fees paid by the customer: the customer is charged 2.49% per month in each installment.
  • Installment without fees for the customer: the payment of 2.49% per month is paid by the producer, being deducted from the total price of the product.
  • Subscription Plan: The person who buys makes recurring payments, that is, repeated monthly, or every two months, three months, six months or annually. One tip is to create different subscription plans for your products (with discounts for those who pay the annual fee instead of month-to-month, for example). Thus, the customer chooses the most suitable one for him.
  • Intelligent Installment: tool used for the comparator to divide the payment on your card into several installments, without affecting the credit limit available for it.

To define the payment type, follow this step by step:

  • Access your account;
  • Select products from the side menu;
  • Click on Register Product;
  • Go to Pricing and define the payment type.
  • Now that you know how to register your product on Hotmart, it’s time to think about your product promotion strategy. For this, you can choose to open sales to affiliates, or advertise yourself. If you choose to take care of the dissemination of your material, a very interesting alternative is Sparkle, offered by Hotmart itself.

What is Sparkle?

  • Sparkle is a smartphone application that provides a platform for creating themed communities where the producer can promote their products and interact with a very targeted audience.
  • Through Hotmart Sparkle it is possible to promote and sell infoproducts to more than 6 million users who participate in no less than 70 thousand communities.
  • Through the Hotmart Sparkle app you can engage your audience by sharing videos, audios, links, and various other content in any format you want.
  • To do this, just click on the Publish shortcut to create your own posts.
  • When you finish your content, you can choose which community it will be published in or even choose to make it available for just 24 hours.
  • You can also create a community about the subjects you master, things you like to do or about your products.
  • To create a community, tap Profile and then the Create new community button.

Another very interesting feature of Hotmart Sparkle is the possibility to create premium communities. Thus, you can monetize your content by charging your audience a subscription for access. Each sale and subscription will be charged a service fee of 9%, with a minimum value of R$ 1.49. How to sell on Hotmart as an Affiliate and get commissioned?

As we have already mentioned here in this article, there is also the possibility for you to earn money on Hotmart as an Affiliate.

The initial registration process on the platform is the same as mentioned above for Producers.

When you enter your Hotmart homepage, in the menu on the left side of the page, click on “Market” to access the list of products you can affiliate with. Here you will find the list of all infoproducts that accept affiliation.

You will see products available for two membership models:

Membership upon Approval: Upon request, the producer will decide whether to accept your review.

1-click affiliation: just click and start selling!

Select the product you are interested in and click on “Request Membership” (if the product is of the Approval Membership type) or “Join Now” (if the product is of the 1 Click Membership type).

Once your application is approved or after immediate membership, you will have access to each product’s HotLinks and can begin advertising.

How to choose the right products to join?

One of the great secrets to being a successful affiliate is knowing how to choose the Hotmart product that you are going to promote.

The platform makes hundreds of infoproducts available on the platform, and selecting the one that works well for you is a task that requires attention.

After all, it’s no use doing an impeccable job of promoting a product if its quality is poor or if it simply doesn’t sell.

To help you choose the right infoproduct, Hotmart provides some parameters on the Market screen that you can use to evaluate products.

Understand each of these factors:

  • Temperature: is the product hot, is it selling well? The higher the temperature, the more people are promoting and selling this product. It is interesting to know that products at Hotmart can reach a maximum temperature of 150º.
  • Blueprint: indicates whether the information and dissemination of the infoproduct by the producer is adequate. Some elements that can be observed are: Strong and striking headline; Existence of a Sales Video; Good Copy and Mental Triggers; Positive Testimonials; Harmonic layout; Detailed product features; Producer reputation; Bonus offer; CTAs (calls to action).
  • Satisfaction: Shows whether customers are satisfied with their purchase.
  • Commission Amount: shows the amount to be passed on to the Affiliate. Keep in mind that higher value products are harder to sell and require a more advanced sales strategy. So it might be a good idea to start by selecting products with a low or medium ticket (around R$ 200.00).
  • Commissioning method: Hotmart can pay the commission to the Affiliate who referred the customer most recently (last click) or to the Affiliate who took the customer to the seller’s website for the first time. Pay attention to this information and also to the duration of each product’s cookies!

Review the commissioning rule, the language, country, affiliation type, payment currency, price and other important points so you don’t regret it after working with this infoproduct.

In addition to the more objective filters offered by the platform itself, there are still other factors you should take into account when choosing which product to affiliate with:

  • Does the product actually offer some transformation for the consumer?
  • Is the product related to your niche of expertise or knowledge?
  • Does the product support affiliates?
  • Would you buy this product?

Assess the answer to each of these questions before starting your endeavor.

Once you’ve evaluated, selected your product (or product portfolio) and been accepted by the producer , you’ll finally have access to Hotlinks to get started!

What are HotLinks and how do they work?

HotLinks are links referring to the product that the Affiliate intends to sell, automatically generated by Hotmart.

Through them, the platform can identify the origin of the sale and affiliates can receive their commissions. In other words, a Hotlink is a unique identifier code, referring to a specific product and linked to the user’s Hotmart account.

HotLink will appear in this pattern:

Hotlinks can act in two different ways:

  • Direct payment hotlink : with which the product can be advertised directly on the producer’s website or blog. The click is then associated with the visitor’s act of purchase. This way, it is not necessary to use a sales page generated by Hotmart.
  • Sales Page Hotlink : can be used by both producers and affiliates, and takes the visitor to a ready-made page (customized or not by the producer), created automatically by Hotmart.

How to receive money from your Hotmart sales?

In order for you to be able to receive money from the sales of your infoproduct, you must register the following data

  • Date of birth;
  • CPF;
  • Full address;
  • Telephone.

After you make the first sale, the fields for bank details will be enabled for you to complete your registration and withdraw the amounts.

All sales, both from Producers and Affiliates, are processed through HotPay, which is Hotmart’s exclusive payment system .

The Affiliate will be able to register their bank details as soon as the first sale is made. When registering your bank account, you must send a photo of your recent proof of address (up to 90 days).

To withdraw, access your Hotmart account and follow these steps:

  1. From the left side menu, click Balance.
  2. If you have a balance available for withdrawal and you are in compliance with the rules we will talk about later, click on the Withdraw an amount button on the right.
  3. On the new screen, choose the account you want to receive the amount.
  4. Enter the withdrawal amount. Remembering that the minimum withdrawal amount for sales in Reais is R$20.00 + R$1.99 of the withdrawal fee.
  5. Click Calculate.
  6. To finish, click on Make Withdrawal.

The minimum period for making a withdrawal is 15 days, and it is also necessary to consider the product warranty period and the time the bank takes to process the transfer (generally 24 hours).

The minimum withdrawal time and product warranty go together and apply to both Producers and Affiliates.

How to use Hotmart Analytics and track sales performance?

When making decisions about your infoproduct business, it is essential to have access to up-to-date and reliable data, which is why Hotmart provides Hotmart Analytics , a powerful intelligence tool where you get the information you need to make the right decisions.

But for that you need to install the tracking code on your pages. To do this, follow this step by step:

  • Access Hotmart;
  • Click on Analytics, in the menu on the left side of the screen;
  • Hotmart Analytics opens and you will see your tracking code.
  • Copy and paste this code into every page you want to track.

See detailed instructions on how to enter the Hotmart tracking code on your website .

Once this is done, you will have access to a rich source of information, divided into 5 tabs, each one focused on different information.

1 – Home

It presents an overview of Hotmart’s analytics dashboards, bringing data and tables on the total number of visitors and maps the pages of your website.

2 – Segmentations

It is essential to cross data and find out how different parts of your target audience behave. And that’s exactly what you can do on this tab, comparing sales results based on the source of traffic and the offer created, for example.

Targets exist so that you can group users according to certain criteria. This way you can understand your target audience’s behavior and scale your sales – based on the metrics that make the most sense for your business.

Using this feature, you can gain insights that will help you be even more assertive in upcoming campaigns.

If, for example, you convert more via Facebook, but you still don’t know if your main customers use mobile devices or desktops, just compare this data to start improving your actions. Let’s say most people convert their content via mobile. So maybe it’s time to invest in your user’s mobile experience.

Some other possibilities made possible by Segmentations:

  • Define is your most powerful sales channel;
  • View in which countries you have the largest audience;
  • Track the number of conversions that came from an email campaign
  • View which material generates the greatest impact on your users, resulting in more sales;

Among others.

3 – My pages

Here you will find all the conversion and usage data for your pages tracked by Hotmart Analytics.

In this tab you can check the evolution of the performance of your pages, in which periods the views increase or decrease.

If your number of visits has been dropping over a period of time, for example, you can determine if it’s time to do an A/B test and see if the presence or absence of an element increases your performance.

This screen is very simple, and you can search your pages by name, URL or even just view your favorite pages.

But for everything to work correctly, the tracking code must be installed correctly on each of the pages.

Another nice feature is that here you can compare the total number of views and the percentage change between the number of visitors in the last 7 days and the previous 7 days.

4 – Conversions

This is one of the most complete screens, where you can check the total purchases made by your customers.

In this tab you will be able to obtain specific information about your conversions, allowing you to closely follow the evolution of your business.

These indicators are:

  • Total Sales for the Period : Total sales made for the period, regardless of whether or not you have entered campaign parameters (UTMs) in your links.
  • Impacted Sales: total sales made in the period that had one or more interactions tracked by their UTMs (campaign parameters).
  • Unique Users: Total unique users who accessed your pages in the selected period, regardless of whether or not you entered campaign parameters (UTMs) in your links.
  • Impacted Users: Total unique users who accessed your pages in the selected period and had one or more interactions tracked by their UTMs (campaign parameters).

And most interestingly, you can use product filters and attribution model to recalculate all indicators.

5 – Product views

Here, you’ll be able to create product views to have access to each product’s data regarding sales, traffic, canceled purchases, reason for cancellation, pageviews and even generated bills and credit card approval rate.

In order to do these analyses, you will need to create product views, following these steps: enter a Name for your View, select the product, choose which Offers you want to see, your Sales Pages (those that lead to your checkout) and Type of Vision (Perpetual Product or Launch Product – with a date for completion of sales).

Using this analysis feature you can, for example:

  • See which of your Affiliates perform better;
  • Check the approval rate for payments made by credit card;
  • Know the reason for canceling your customers’ purchases and then create email funnels to facilitate conversion – and a lot;

And much more.

Is Hotmart Reliable?

How do you know if Hotmart is trustworthy? Is Hotmart Pyramid?

These are some of the most common questions for people who want to venture into the infoproducts market using the Hotmart platform.

Before we get into the main theme of this article, which is how to sell at Hotmart step by step, it is interesting that we clarify here the reliability of this platform.

According to data provided by the company, the Hotmart commits seriously to ensure the safety of all users, be they producers, Affiliates and Buyers.

In this sense, the platform offers a rigidly secure environment for those who want to sell, advertise or purchase infoproducts. All data entered into the system, such as CPF, bank account and address, are encrypted.

The Hotmart has tools robust information security management that protect users against fraud and any violations of the Terms of Use Platform.

Registration information is very well guarded with strict measures that prevent your data from ending up in the hands of malicious people.

Tax and accounting transparency

Hotmart is approved by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) , considered the largest auditing company in the world.

With regard to its financial statements, Hotmart achieved maximum approval from PwC thanks to its transparency in the conduct of tax and accounting practices.

Excellent support

Hotmart is dedicated to providing excellent support to its users. Proof of this is the RA1000 Certificate , which attests to the company’s good reputation on the Reclame Aqui website.

Is it a Good Time to Get a House?

This means that 100% of the support requests made by Reclame Aqui were answered. In addition, the solution rate on this site is 90.5% of complaints

And more: for four consecutive years, Hotmart received the Época Reclame Aqui Award , which places it as a reference in the online services sector in Brazil.

Hotmart’s support team is always ready to assist users and solve any doubts and problems they may have.

secure commissions

Hotmart guarantees that you can rest easy and that the money from your sales will fall into your account.

The company has tools capable of tracking all sales and identifying which Affiliates were responsible. In this way, the remuneration is done with total security.

Is Hotmart Pyramid?

No. Hotmart is not a financial pyramid scheme. Unlike this criminal modality, Hotmart does not require users to “invest” a single penny to register and join the platform.

Both Producers and Affiliates get paid for what they sell. What Hotmart does is charge a pre-agreed percentage of the value of each sale.

Hotmart Advantages: Is it really worth joining this platform?

If you’re in doubt about whether or not it’s worth joining Hotmart to sell your infoproducts and undertake digitally, here are some of the main advantages that this platform offers.

Here are 10 reasons to become a Hotmart Producer or Affiliate:

1 – Secure storage

Hotmart’s platform provides all the necessary infrastructure so that you can store your infoproducts securely online.

2 – Uncomplicated payment

You have an exclusive Hotmart payment system with no membership fee or monthly fee. Checkout is done on the platform itself and does not need intermediaries.

Data is encrypted and the system is able to identify and prevent fraud attempts.

You don’t know what a checkout is? This video explains everything and gives tips on how to create your own on Hotmart.

3 – Sale of infoproducts around the world

Hotmart allows you to accept international payments, accepting more than 12 currencies. Hotmart’s platform automatically converts the value of your infoproduct into your buyer’s currency.

4 – Customizing the sales page

You can customize your infoproduct page, creating a visual identity for your digital business.

Want tips on how to make a custom sales page on Hotmart? So we suggest another video for you!

5 – Help in defining dissemination and sales strategies

Hotmart offers a Community space that will help you draw more effective strategies to promote your infoproducts and boost sales.

At Hotmart Academy , for example, you have access to over 80 free classes that will help you scale your business. There is also the 30 Day Challenge for you to develop your infoproduct in one month.

6 – Buy in one click

People who have already purchased an infoproduct on your Hotmart page do not need to fill in all the payment details again. New purchases can be made in just one click.

7 – Integration with tools

Another advantage of Hotmart is that you can integrate your platform with a range of tools ranging from the email marketing automation of your choice to inventory management and financial control tools.

Thus, you can create automations to keep in touch with your customers, map the behavior of your audience, suggest new content, recover sales and increase your profit.

In addition to the tools natively integrated with Hotmart, it is also possible to perform integrations via Pluga, connecting the platform to more than 38 web tools:

8 – Hotmart is free

To open a Hotmart account, you don’t need to pay a membership fee or even a monthly fee .

However, the platform will charge you a percentage for every sale you make of your infoproduct. You only pay if you get paid.

See what are the rates charged by Hotmart in Brazil and for sales abroad:

Sales in Brazil:

  • Commission is greater than BRL 10: fee of 9.9% + BRL 1.00
  • Commission is less than or equal to R$ 10: 20% fee

Sales made outside Brazil

  • Products priced above 15.00 USD: tariff of 9.9% + 0.50 USD.
  • Products priced above 15.00 EUR: tariff is 9.9% + 0.50 EUR.
  • Products priced above 15.00 GBP: the rate is 9.9% + 0.50 GBP.
  • Products priced less than or equal to 15.00 USD, 15.00 GBP or 15.00 EUR: tariff of 9.9% + 0.10 cents.
  • In any currency other than Pound, US Dollar or Euro: 20% fee + 0.10 cents, if the commission is less than or equal to 5. If greater than 5, the fee is 9.9% + 0, 50 cents.

Hotmart Video Player Activation Fee

  • To use the Hotmart Streaming service: activation fee of R$2.49 for each approved sale.

9 – ListBoss

ListBoss is another one of Hotmart’s advantages. It is a lead organizer for you to automate the marketing of your business, integrating it with your email service.

So, as leads or customers interact on your pages, different actions can be automatically determined.

For example, let’s say a customer buys a particular product on your website, that customer can automatically be subscribed to a targeted email sending list.

This is just an example of the type of action that can be selected to include a contact in a list, see some more of them:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Boleto issued
  • Approved purchase
  • late purchase
  • Cancelled purchase
  • Cancelled purchase
  • Purchase chargeback
  • Expired purchase
  • Purchase initiated – PayPal
  • Purchase initiated – PIX
  • Purchase claimed
  • Purchase refunded
  • Free registration at Hotmart Club
  • Progress in the percentage of completion of the course
  • Fifteen days without access
  • Thirty days without access
  • downloaded file
  • Product evaluation
  • active subscription
  • late subscription
  • Subscription canceled by the Administrator
  • Subscription canceled by the Customer
  • Subscription canceled by Seller
  • inactive subscription
  • subscription started
  • subscription expired
  • Active Campaign
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • RDStation
  • Drip
  • Leadlovers
  • e-goi
  • Mailing Boss
  • Mautic
  • Hubspot
  • Keap (Infusionsoft)
  • ConvertKit
  • SG Autorepondeur
  • Klicksend
  • sendinblue
  • Ontraport
  • Constant Contact
  • zoho

10 – Performance report

Hotmart’s platform offers the Analytics feature so you can track your sales performance and access data about your shoppers , all in one place.

Well, was it clear to you what it is, how it works and the advantages of joining Hotmart to become a digital entrepreneur? Not sure if Hotmart is the right platform for you?

Alternatives to Hotmart

There are other platforms similar to Hotmart for those who want to undertake digitally, such as Eduzz and Monetizze.

Eduzz or Hotmart?

Both are very similar in their functionality. However, Hotmart has a greater variety of infoproducts.

Eduzz does not allow you to define an expiration date for sales; the funnel is infinite. At Hotmart, there is the possibility of establishing deadlines of 60, 90 or 180 days.

Want to get to know Eduzz better? This Mafalda Melo video brings you all the tips you need.

Monetizze or Hotmart?

Monettize’s main difference compared to Hotmart is the possibility of selling physical products as well.

The withdrawal fee at Monettize is R$ 4.80 for amounts less than R$ 500 and free for amounts above R$ 500 or for Banco do Brasil account holders. At Hotmart, the withdrawal fee is always $1.99.

The commission that the two platforms charge for each sale is no different: 9.9% + 1 real.

We also have a video of Monetizze for you to get to know the platform better.

Which is better: Hotmart, Eduzz or Monetizze

The three platforms are very efficient at what they propose. Choosing the most ideal will depend on your goals as an entrepreneur, the type of product you want to market over the internet, how much you are willing to pay in withdrawal fees and commission on sales, and how the resources are best suited to yours. needs.

Like Hotmart, Eduzz also has integrations via Pluga. Through them, you integrate this tool and automate various activities in your company!

Check out the available integrations and start using it right away, it doesn’t even take 2 minutes to optimize tasks with Pluga:

Expanding the Hotmart Universe: What are Fire Festival and Hotmart Camp?

Fire Festival: meeting to expand your networking

For those looking to update their knowledge in marketing, content production and digital business management and gain access to new perspectives, Hotmart annually promotes one of the biggest events in the digital market: the Fire Festival .

At the meeting, divided into three days, great professionals of today get together for lectures and exclusive classes.

Those who participate in the Fire Festival have the opportunity to expand their networking and establish new partnerships with other entrepreneurs in the digital market, in addition to staying on top of the main trends.

The event also has a fun moment so that participants can relax after the learning marathon.

See here the Fire Festival 2018 promotional video.

Hotmart Camp: face-to-face classes with experts

Another event promoted by Hotmart for those who want to undertake in the infoproducts market and become a successful digital entrepreneur is the Hotmart Camp .

Those who attend this meeting have the opportunity to participate in on-site classes with Hotmart’s digital marketing experts.

In 9 hours of pure knowledge, teachers will teach in practice the main strategies for those interested in creating an infoproduct from scratch.

In addition, participants also learn which practices to adopt to better publicize their courses and leverage sales through the Hotmart platform.

Hotmart Camp teachers have vast experience in the digital market and are willing to share their knowledge to help you overcome your difficulties.

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