Abandonment of ecommerce cart

Did you know that the average of cart abandonment by Brazilians was over 80% in 2017? This rate is lower when the customer is looking for products in the electronics segment, 69%, while artistic material and tobacco products were between 90.3% and 91.3%.

Selecting products and not finalizing the sale is a recurrent problem in ecommerce and a frustration for companies. Although this average has not increased compared to the previous year, decreasing these rates remains a challenge for virtual stores.

Working on this customer to get him to back off and complete the purchase is what you need to keep in mind. Creating instant actions for him to return to the site and complete the acquisition is what needs to be done.

And that’s exactly what this article is about. Understand what causes cart abandonment, how you can deal with it, and what tools help you in your mission to convert a withdrawal into a sale.

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Factors that can lead to cart abandonment

The purchase process by the customer involves many factors relating to the website, but also the buyer itself. To help you read, we have separated 5 reasons among several that can lead the customer to give up on finalizing a purchase.

1 – Shipping

One of the factors that most frighten consumers and make them give up on the purchase is the shipping price . To avoid rejection, the ideal is to make delivery cost information available as soon as possible. Do not leave for the final act of purchase.

In addition, if the deadline for delivery is too long, the acquisition may be withdrawn. Don’t promise a deadline shorter than the actual one. If the product is late this could be your last sale to that customer.

2 – Payment method

Leaving few payment options available or limiting, for example, an installment conditional on a specific way of paying is not good. This can cause the purchase not to be finalized in the last step.

3 – Navigation

Slow sites, which take a long time to load, make the user give up on the way. Therefore, make sure that your virtual store is operating in a complete and intuitive way.

4 – Insecurity

Nobody is comfortable shopping on a site without referrals. That’s why it’s vital to provide security seals, accurate information about shipping, delivery, payment methods, support as well as social proof and product evaluation.

5 – Bureaucracy

If the customer is new to the site, he will need to register to complete the purchase. Bureaucratizing this process, leaving many tabs and fields to be filled in, can cause cart abandonment to occur.

Abandoned cart does not mean lost sale

It is common for many customers to browse their cell phone and reserve a product to complete the purchase, only on the desktop. But let’s not count on that, right? So, we’ve separated some actions that you can take.

One of the actions that give the most results is retargeting which, in a free translation, would be something like “retargeting the target”. The target, in this case, is the customer. Through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, users can be reached through banners on the platforms they are on.

For it to be effective, however, it is necessary to make the cart’s recovery easier. So, if the customer wants to return, the purchase can be completed quickly.

Also, for cart abandonment to be converted into sales, sending incentives is always a good bet.

How to do this? You can send, via email marketing, a discount coupon for the sale to be completed. Also make clear the payment and shipping conditions and avoid any communication noise.

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But encouraging the customer goes beyond sending a coupon for a specific purchase. It is necessary to create – or reinforce – an image of trust. This can be done by sharing relevant content, testimonials from other customers who have already purchased at your store, product and brand reviews, comparisons with competitors, among others.

But if cart abandonment is a recurring feature in your store, you will certainly have a large amount of work. So, how to act assertively with so many customers who have not completed their purchases?

The role of CRM to work cart abandonment

Within CRM PipeRun you can configure the action funnel to handle cart abandonment. With the software integrated with ecommerce, you receive in your funnel the contact of the customer who did not complete the purchase. From there, your previously configured automatic actions start to act.

As mentioned above, you can immediately send an email marketing to the customer sending a discount for the purchase to be made. There is also the option to call via voIP, so you can record the call to improve your team’s approach at times like this.

It is also possible to determine the funnel cadence. As soon as the step change within it happens, some pre-established automatic action takes place – like sending some relevant content, for example.

Within them and with CRM PipeRun it is possible to have the product catalog and also send online proposals with templates already defined. In other words, you gain time and can act assertively and completely to close the sale.

In addition, there are electronic signature facilities and integration with payment methods. If the customer intends to finally buy, the sale can be made immediately.

And with the integration with your ERP, all processes are mapped and you have complete control of all the steps that involve this activity.

Are we going to turn abandoned carts into sales?

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In addition, learn how to make your company’s sales forecast and how to find the ideal profile of your customer and direct efforts .

To get the PipeRun CRM solution, talk to a consultant today .

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