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Marketing automation is the action of deploying technology to strategically and staggered increase conversions and results in a company’s marketing sector. Identifying, impacting, captivating and conquering your target audience is possible through this practice. Therefore, you need to understand its usage and benefits well.

What company does not wish to have, day after day, not only assertiveness in its marketing processes, but also increasingly delighted customers?

In the midst of so much content offering, of a large volume of information, standing out is crucial.

More than just doing it – and doing it well done – you need to be clear when communicating and showing the value your company has.

Customers have great bargaining power – and growing. Competition grows and, therefore, so does the demand that the market imposes.

Therefore, good practices are necessary for those who want to impact more people to, of course, sell. Within this reality, the use of marketing automation is undoubtedly indispensable.

But, it is wrong that this is, today, a competitive differential. It has long been a need to stay active and in search of survival (at first) and growth.

In this article, we’ll talk about what marketing automation is, what types and also how to use and choose the right one.

In addition, we’ll cover the benefits this brings to the company and how it impacts not just an industry, but the entire organization.

Let’s check it out? Good reading!

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the act of using technology to automate practices and processes within the marketing industry.

It is the practice of reducing manual work and seeking to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed actions.

Without a doubt, it is an indispensable tool for generating leads , nurturing them and passing on the baton for the sales team.

Thinking about the routine of the marketing team, we started to better understand the concept and also the importance it brings to companies.

Within inbound marketing strategies , for example, the team needs to produce blog posts on a weekly basis to attract visitors.

The dissemination of them is equally important – whether via social network or email. The objective is to show itself as a reference in the sector and, of course, to relate to its target audience.

Keep capturing leads for the newsletter, sending content to this audience. Make them move forward on the customer journey and become more interested in the company.

Send rich materials (eBook, info graphics, etc.) that move this prospect through the sales funnel . Nurture him to such an extent that he is interested in the product or service the company sells… phew!

How much the marketing team needs to do? Allied to all this, performance indicators are important to assess the success of actions.

The volume of activities to make the company grow is huge. Marketing is vital for sales to occur. And when technology is there, everything is easier.

Therefore, it is crucial that the team manages to reduce manual work as much as possible. The digital transformation through marketing automation increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the work and reduces the time spent on each action.

Thus, people can be much more strategic and contribute to an even greater assertiveness in attracting customers.

Marketing Automation: Why Is This a Necessary Transformation?

Perhaps you already understand the need to transform the marketing industry. But, understanding 3 specific points, maybe it becomes even clearer the importance of the technology present in everyday life.

One of them is sending emails. With marketing automation software you accelerate processes.

For example, it automatically sends emails after an action has taken place – such as filling out a form on the website or landing page. Social networks are the second point of attention.

Automating the distribution of your content is important for building the reference image that your company wants to have.

This will give enormous agility to the undertaking, being able to more quickly impact the right people at the right times and days.

A good marketing automation tool will be able to measure audience peaks so you can be assertive in distributing this content.

The third important point that we want to highlight here is the creation of landing pages, something fundamental to understand how to attract customers .

Without this tool for automation, it is necessary to manually perform this design work as well as coding.

However, with ready-made templates, you just need to copy and paste the design as often as necessary. Making, of course, the adaptations that make sense.

Examples of Marketing Automation Tools

Within these 3 fundamental pillars, you can start to prospect a marketing automation software for your business.

Take into account the points mentioned above, yes, but also many others that we will cover in this article.

However, we list some platforms that automate your company’s marketing. And, of course, they have important integrations with their website, social networks, and sales system, among others. Are they:

  • Streamline ;
  • Lahar ;
  • Mail Chimp ;
  • Pips ;
  • RD Station .

Look, of course, to know the one that makes the most sense with what your business needs, and also how intuitive it is to use the tool.

Best Practices for Effective Marketing Automation

Let’s be clear: the tools that automate marketing actions are no miracles. What does that mean?

You need to have structured processes, a capable team capable of producing good content. You need to provide the conditions – in terms of time and demand – so that the strategies are put in place in the best way possible.

Therefore, some good practices are necessary for the technology to really positively impact the company.

Check out:

Focus on delivering value

It’s no use using technology if you don’t focus on the customer’s success , on delivering value to them. This happens by producing really good content that will be distributed through your platform.

Content that educates and shows that your company is really a reference in the field. This is the first item.

The second is to align your tactics. Make a nutrition flow from this lead who downloaded some of your materials that is directed towards your empowerment.

In other words, go on giving materials that are more and more in-depth, diversified and with a language that is inviting, close to the reality of this person.

The intention here is not only to lead this prospect to buy, but also to enchant him with the brand, making him an evangelizer of the brand.

Make a close management

Any tool or system that is implemented within a company needs close management.

With marketing automation this, of course, remains true. Software, as we said, will not do a miracle.

He is a strategic ally, yes, but he will depend on oversight and monitoring to deliver the desired results.

This is correct marketing management : attentive to performance indicators, especially with integrated dashboards, in real time and accessible to all.

Always be ready to act, if necessary, and review your strategies – or even some positions on your team.

Analyze, measure and adapt

marketing automation

It is part of close management, not keeping the same practices always within your strategies. In other words, it’s not because you’ve configured your automations that you don’t need to tinker with them anymore.

Analyze and measure the success of your actions to always find what can impact more customers. Leaving the tool “alone” is not something that will guarantee the best results for the company.

Seek to innovate, adapt the language and always make what you deliver to the market “fresh”.

Make organized use of the tool

Organization is fundamental within a work environment, of course. And for the use of the tool, too. Standardize the name of lists, flows, email templates, landing pages, for example.

Use tags for each segment or types of customers . Create rules and standards for everything. This will help you find what you need faster.

It will also avoid confusion and doubts among your team, in addition to making it easier for new employees to understand.

4 Benefits of Marketing Automation

To help you choose the right tool, you need to better understand the impact marketing automation brings.

Companies that want to be big must deal with thousands of contacts and customers alike. Therefore, correct management is obviously important.

And, when you have technology as an ally, the mission becomes easier. Even in smaller companies, organization remains important.

Although not as many resources are needed, the impact of technology remains positive and similar to large organizations.

Below, we have separated 4 benefits of the software allied to this very important sector within any business. Check out:

1 – Greater lead generation

The first benefit – and even the most logical – is the increase in leads that are generated.

And this is due to landing pages in the materials you create, with automation of social networks for content distribution, website integration, etc.

Marketing automation, in fact, according to a 2017 survey , can increase the increase in leads by 2x.

2 – Focus on persona, relationship and better opportunities

Knowing your business’s ideal customer profile (ICP) is important – and you know it very well. Validating the persona is much easier when you use marketing automation in your day-to-day marketing strategies.

That’s one of the points.

The other is to really focus on the customer and what they need. Read: no matter how much he is not interested in buying today, the relationship needs to remain active.

Making a purchase decision may come a few months from now and having an occasional relationship with him is not something that will make him decide for you – and not for the competition.

Marketing automation allows for this personalized tracking. It ensures the delivery of content that educates, nurtures and gives confidence to that lead.

The intention is to prepare him for the purchase, right? And when you follow his evolution on his journey, you generate better opportunities for the sales sector to work.

3 – Minor CAC

Marketing Automation Platform

Firstly, do you know what CAC is? CAC is the Cost of Acquisition of Customers.

It’s a metric that shows how much you spent, across your entire business operation (taking into account all expenses), to get a new customer.

If you do, for example, a promotional campaign to generate leads. And manages to generate.

Can you imagine having to deal with a huge volume of interested parties manually, via spreadsheet? Time will be longer, of course, to check if the lead has adherence.

If it does, it will have obviously cooled down, losing some of its interest. Now add up your team’s hours worked.

At this rate, how many opportunities can be won? The marketing automation tool helps automate these processes.

The robotic tasks are in charge of the technology. Relevant information about the potential customer’s profile is clear and organized.

So see: it’s a ripple effect. This gives you time to nurture the lead. If you save time, you will spend less to be able to close the sale and, of course, the CAC is lower.

4 – Reduction in the sales cycle

The CAC can reduce the sales cycle , yes, but that is not necessarily what will matter. To cut down on a sale, you need to educate your prospect well.

Deliver him good content that shows that your product or service really makes sense. The tool will help you track the evolution of lead maturity.

And then it will facilitate the work of the sales team. It will take less time to explain how the solution sold didactically works.

When the SDR contacts him, that person will have a much greater maturity and will be closer to deciding to buy.

What good marketing automation must have?

But, after all, how to choose the right marketing automation. That system that will really boost your marketing strategies ?

We have separated some important aspects and features for your routine. By understanding how technology works with you, it will be much easier to make the decision for A or B.

Therefore, choose those tools that have:

Integration with social networks

So, perform actions such as:

  • schedule posts on social media;
  • monitor shares, clicks, likes, comments, etc.;
  • identify times of greatest audience;
  • Measure user interaction, among others.

Sending email

In addition to simply sending emails, choose a platform that:

  • have ready-made email templates;
  • be able to send emails in large quantities;
  • allow you to create custom fields for registering contacts;
  • allow you to create multiple lists with segmentation and tags;
  • have the “drag and drop” functionality for agility;
  • have a user-friendly layout;
  • Have full reports on the open rate, bounce , and more.

Create streams for nutrition

What is the best marketing automation platform

Nutrition streams are the path the emails will take. They are fired in sequence after a person fills out a form and becomes a lead.

The aim is to improve the relationship. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to:

  • schedule emails at specific times and dates;
  • create tags and lists easily;
  • trigger email whenever a determined action is performed by the lead;
  • Send similar content after downloading material you have created, among others.

Create landing pages in a practical way

Landing pages are great ways to convert those who visit your page into leads.

For this, offer good rich materials. And, when choosing your marketing tool, choose those that:

  • have ready-made and customizable layouts;
  • have forms with customizable fields;
  • CTAs of various types;
  • That has the “drag and drop” function to provide agility, among others.

Create attractive CTAs

CTA, in English, means “call to action”. Translating: call to action. These are the buttons that draw attention and can say “click here”, “learn more”, among others. Use CTAs to:

  • prompt the user to click on your offer on a landing page;
  • ask for registration in a form on the website;
  • get in touch with any sector of the company;
  • Take the visitor to another section of the site, among others.

Set up a lead scoring

Lead scoring marketing automation platform

Within the consumer’s journey, each action carried out by the consumer is worth points to know how close or how far away he is to buy.

This will help you know if the shift from baton to sales can occur. Award points for each action, type:

  • opening email;
  • material download;
  • complete/partial form filling;
  • specific segment;
  • Visit the pricing page, among others.

Integrate with CRM

Another important and indispensable point concerns the digital transformation as a whole that the company needs to go through.

Automating only marketing and leaving sales aside will cause many opportunities to be missed.

With growing competition, agility in processes is needed, especially when passing the lead to the pre-sales team to qualify.

Thus, the integration with CRM is the guarantee of success of the strategies carried out, taking a qualified contact to the commercial sector.

This agility and also synergy between the areas is essential to increase the sales of any company.

Thus, and only in this way, grow by selling more and better, will it be possible. If this happens, you will undoubtedly consider delighting and retaining your customers continuously.

So, how can we help you?

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