marketing tips for businesses

Following some marketing tips makes small details that we miss in our day-to-day strategies don’t go unnoticed.

The competition is big – and also active – and you can’t sit still without always looking for the best for your business, can you?

You’re certainly already using the internet to sell more and communicate with your audience. But you know that your company has the potential to do more and communicate better and with more people.


Within this reality, following some marketing tips is a matter of strategy for your business to grow. And it doesn’t matter what your size is.

Small, medium or large, marketing is essential and cannot be left out.

We’ve separated 31 marketing tips for you to apply every day of the month.

It’s not about big actions. They are small or medium course corrections, activities, investments that will make you show yourself better to the market.

Let’s check it out? Good reading!

31 marketing tips to apply to companies of all sizes

One tip a day. Constant and focused work. Being present in the virtual world is no longer an option – it is a need that cannot be ignored.

But this can and must be done in the best way. And that’s why we’ve separated 31 marketing tips for you to apply.

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1 – Mark your presence online

We need to start with the basics. You need to have an online presence – or the remaining 30 marketing tips will do no good.

Profile your company on LinkedIn, Facebook, Integra, YouTube Interest and Twitter (if it makes sense for your business).

Create custom and standardized avatars and skins, and of course update all your social networks constantly.

2 – Analyze your competitors well

Marketing and competition

Map out how well your direct competitors are communicating. See what they’re good at, what they’re not.

Once that’s done, try to position yourself differently from all of them. You want to be unique and original, right?

So find your way to communicate verbally and visually.

3 – Expose your differentials

Within this context, make clear what your differentiators are. And do it lightly, showing the essence of the company and why it is better than the competition.

It can be both in posts on social networks and in content production within the site.

4 – Identify where your opportunities are

Get to know the ideal customer profile for your business. Who is he, what he is looking for, his expectations and most importantly: why does he need you?

The modern consumer is demanding and has a range of information at his disposal.

Therefore, communicate directly to the point, showing that your brand has value and solves the problem of your potential customers.

Knowing who is fit to buy what you sell and where that person is, you don’t waste time or money focusing on the wrong persona.

As a result, this will reduce the cost of acquiring customers. By the way, do you know what CAC is?

5 – Build a marketing plan that is practical

Marketing plan

The strategic planning of marketing is essential for companies and cannot be simply overlooked.

Analyze internal and external factors that can influence your business. For example, a good way to do this is through the SWOT Matrix.

This makes it much easier for managers to make decisions. After all, you will know exactly what and how to direct efforts and investments.

6 – Inbound marketing: good and cheap

Inbound marketing, also known as attraction marketing, is an effective and also cheaper way to generate leads.

It is different from outbound marketing. It’s about creating relevant content to show that your company is a reference in the segment in which it operates.

Make attracting customers through:

  • blog posts;
  • eBook;
  • info graphics;
  • webinars;
  • Videos and any other content created.

This strengthens your online presence and makes you grow in organic search done through Google. Consequently, your brand will increase its relevance digitally in the industry.

To do this, mapping the keywords that your target audience searches for is the initial step. That way, you’ll know what content you need to produce.

7 – Build a reference image

Marketing tip: be a reference!

Content marketing is all about that. And you need to understand that every text made, rich material or any other action must be geared towards building a reference image.

This is, in fact, one of the top marketing tips you can have. Show that your company is a reference in what it does.

Make it clear that she dominates everything that involves the product and/or service she sells. And also that it understands the entire context in which it operates and knows all the “pains” of its customers.

In addition, look for strategic partnerships and have your brand linked to others that add credibility.

8 – Show that you are highly rated

Company reviews via Facebook and Google are excellent ways to increase relevance and credibility within the online environment.

Ask your best customers to write something positive about you. Activate the customer success sector for this.

Thus, anyone looking for companies in your segment can see that you are well liked by your customers.

Another important point is the so-called social proof, which are testimonials that your customer gives about you, which are visible on your website’s home page. Do it!

9 – Make link building

Marketing tip

The tip above is directly linked to this one. Link building is the exchange of links between two sites (usually blogs) to:

  • offer greater credibility to your brand;
  • create greater relevance on the internet;
  • grow in search engines;
  • Reinforce the keywords that are important to your business.

So what to do? Contact your partners and propose this exchange.

You will place some links of your content on strategic keywords within texts he produced.

Likewise, you will embed partner links in your content.

10 – Conduct marketing with your partners

Marketing is a good way to reach an audience you haven’t yet reached. Get in touch with your partners or, then, prospect a few.

For example, you can start with a link building strategy. After that, move on to an eBook together – or else webinar.

You will share the creation and promotion costs and also the generated leads. Combine each one to shoot for your contact base.

More qualified leads for everyone!

11 – Serve those who come to you well

Marketing techniques: good service

Once you have a good online presence, you need to ensure efficient customer service at all times.

It is vital to make a good impression on people who come to your company from the very first contact. It is at this point that she will form the opinion about your brand. Enchant. Engage.

Make them enjoy sharing what you produce.

Without a good relationship with the customer, to tell the truth, other marketing tips will hardly bring the expected result.

12 – Adapt your content for the new generation

Generation Y has its quirks – and this needs to be understood. More than that, the content you generate has to make sense to her.

Otherwise it can simply be ignored. She is part, or will soon be, part of your target audience.

Present creative content, on different platforms, talking about creativity in the workplace, valuing people, among others. And always offer interactions.

13 – Make videos and post on YouTube

MKT Tips

You can no longer ignore the fact of building video content. Content consumption in this format grew 135% from 2015 to 2018, did you know?

Webinar is a great way to use the platform well. You call a partner (or do it yourself, yourself) and talk about topics relevant to your target audience.

More than that, you can do this live stream and, so people can watch, create a castrated landing page.

Thus, you will have leads generated by people who have an interest in what you are communicating.

In addition, YouTube also counts for SEO. Work your KW there and link texts and/or pages that are relevant to you in your channel.

14 – Communicate lightly on social media

Social networks need to be more than just a channel for you to distribute the content you’ve generated.

Try to create a connection with your audience and, for that, light communication is a good way out. Even to get the vitalization of what you produced.

You can register the company’s routine on Integra, for example.

After that, using the proper tools, you can monitor what is said about you and reverse bad situations that may arise.

15 – Be creative in your content

Let the creativity flow. Texts and your blog are important, but they are not the only possible formats. Make eBooks, info graphics, surveys, quiz, webinars, videos, and memes.

Pick up your cell phone, record videos, and post photos of the company’s daily life. Anyway. Produce something different from what everyone else does.

16 – Give your audience a voice

Best Marketing Tips

Giving voice and visibility to the public is one of the simplest and most efficient marketing tips. Show that you care about the customer’s success and that your brand is always looking to do what’s best for them.

Running NPS surveys can be a great way to calculate customer satisfaction. And satisfied consumers are excellent sources to attract new people eager to consume your brand.

So, look for it, make your customers evangelizers of your company so that they can refer you to the market.

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17 – Encourage people to share your content

In addition to giving people a voice and time, encourage them to share and comment on your posts on social media. These are the main free ways to get your content to reach more people.

Play games and memes (within a limit, of course), ask questions, and offer promotions. Anyway. Test it out and see what works best for your audience.

18 – Write good marketing emails

Tip: email marketing

Email marketing remains one of the main ways to communicate with your potential customers.

Use automation platforms to create targeting according to profile and monitor the performance of your shots so you can continuously oil your strategy.

19 – Take A/B test to improve your performance

A/B tests are the best ways to optimize conversion rates, whether on your pages or on your social networks. But it can basically be done on anything.

It is essential to do them to know which images, titles, content and also CTAs work best with the audience you are trying to impact. So you will always have your strategy optimized. You’ll reduce your bounce rate and you can save money on the task of attracting people to your company, using the right elements for the right people.

20 – Add CTAs to your content

Marketing Tips: CTA

CTA means, in English, Call to Action. In a free translation, call to action. Your goal is to be more imperative.

She works by calling people to download an eBook, fill out a trial form, and talk to the consultant, among others.

You can work CTA both at the end of the content (which is more common), as well as in the middle of it if it makes sense.

Be careful, if you choose the latter, not to intimidate people or be too commercial. But how about doing A/B tests to see which model works best?

21 – Optimize SEO on your pages

Good SEO practices make your website page seen by more people as it will grow in relevance within Google’s search engine for organic traffic.

The same goes for the content made on your blog. So, watch out for some things like:

  • Use the keyword (KW) in the title of the text, in the first line of the content and also in the URL;
  • Repeat the keyword in about 1% of the words in your text;
  • Include images, videos and any other multimedia material in the text (always saving them with the name of your KW);
  • Add text links from your blog and others to lend relevance to the content;
  • Add buttons for sharing on social networks.

22 – Calculate the ROI

ROI and marketing

The digital marketing enables greater ease of measuring its results at each stage, how much greater precision.

This is essential to be able to correct bottlenecks immediately, without impacting the whole.

You know how much each lead conversion costs, so you can direct efforts to lower the value.

That is why it is essential to have feedback meetings with everyone on your marketing team to analyze what is being done, calculate the ROI and know if the result is as expected.

23 – Do not centralize marketing

Don’t centralize marketing solely in your office, with one person sitting at the computer, doing everything all the time.

Strategies need to be thought of by everyone. However, of course the expert will have the final word.

But, you know well that many minds together are better than one, don’t you?

So consider hiring a digital marketing agency to maximize results.

24 – Talk to the commercial team

Within this context, talking to the sales team is valuable. She is the one who is in constant contact with prospects and knows the pain they have,

Yes, integration between marketing and sales – marketing – is strategic and cannot be ignored anymore. By doing this you will be able to improve the quality of the content.

It will have much more value for those who consume it, it will be much more didactic. The result? Much more qualified, mature leads, much more educated to purchase.

And that will automatically ease the work of SDR and shorten the sales cycle. The company can only win!

25 – Set up a schedule of actions – and stick to it!

Get organized. Plan the actions to be taken, the dates and those responsible for it. Create this schedule and, of course, stick to it.

Analyze all possible data and then measure for a correct assessment. None of the marketing tips will have any effect if there is no discipline in their applications.

You agree with that, right? Share with everyone in a spreadsheet, for example within Google Drive, which is free. That way everyone will have access to the updated document.

26 – Have control of everything that is done

Have control over marketing

Through marketing automation platforms such as Mail Chimp, Dynamite or Pips, for example, you get much more than just sending out mass emails.

You can see the metrics you need to know if your strategy worked or not.

And, if you use CRM Online, you can integrate them directly into your marketing or pre-sales funnel to prepare the lead for purchase.

27 – Invest in the company’s branding

Show who your brand is. The essence of your company. This is the role of branding, which goes far beyond logo or graphics – but, of course, encompasses that as well.

This process is important to make the brand’s positioning clear to the market and, of course, to customers.

And this takes into account the mission, vision and values ​​involved in the company.

This way, it will be easier for the consumer to trust your company, after all, it is opening up, and being true to those it impacts.

28 – Invest in sponsored links

This is one of the marketing tips that demand more time, patience and, of course, financial investment.

Sponsored links are advertisements linked to other pages but related to your company’s business. They are paid, of course.

They are delivered to people with a common interest in what you sell but who don’t yet know your brand.

We’ve covered everything you need to know, in this free eBook, about generating leads and driving sales with Google Ad words.

29 – Recycle and redesign

How about revamping what you’ve already written? This is one of the simplest marketing tips to do. Take those old texts from 3, 4 years ago and rewrite.

Double it in size, update the date and republish. Or, unify those who dialogue with each other in an eBook, or in a kit with several articles.

It’s up to you. What you’ve produced still has value, you just need to transform it a little bit.

30 – Check in at events

What are the main events in the segment in which your company operates? Find out and check in with them. If you don’t have the money to sponsor them, setting up an exhibition stand is no problem.

Go the same. Have hundreds of cards and brochures made that show what your company does and how people can contact you.

Events are great networking opportunities. There are many entrepreneurs interested in partnering and people interested in buying. Don’t be left out!

31 – Invest in technology from lead generation to sales

Marketing and Technology

Technology needs to be an ally of companies. She’s the one who will make all the marketing tips we’ve brought here to bring the best results for your business.

And it needs to be present from the moment of attracting customers to the sale. A good sales system, by the way, will ensure that all the effort, all the strategies, are worth it.

It is through technology that your company’s goals and objectives can be best achieved. Marketing planning must be constant.

Above all, keep an eye out for trends and stay ahead of the competition. As a result, you will always be at the forefront within your industry.

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