How to deal with cart abandonment in ecommerce

Did you know that the average of cart abandonment by Brazilians was over 80% in 2017? This rate is lower when the customer is looking for products in the electronics segment, 69%, while artistic material and tobacco products were between 90.3% and 91.3%. Selecting products and not finalizing the sale is a recurrent problem in ecommerce and a frustration for […]


5 SXSW 2019 trends that can be applied to your sales

What comes to your mind when we talk about SXSW ? Music, cinema, film, games, comedy and technology… lots of technology, right? The event , which takes place annually, is one of the most important in the world to address new technologies and the creative economy. The 2019 edition of SXSW took place in Austin, Texas/USA, between March 9th and […]

Financial management for e-commerce: 8 tips to ensure your online store remains profitable and profitable

Do you know how to manage your store with regard to Financial Management of e-commerce? It may seem like a bold question, but I imagine your day must be very busy, and full of worries: Are we selling a lot? Do we have enough stock? Are suppliers being paid on time? Are customers happy? Ufa! There are so many […]


Hotmart: what is it, where does it come from, how it works and the main advantages of the platform for those who want to undertake in the infoproduct market

Have you thought about transforming all your knowledge and experiences into infoproducts and start earning money online? This market has been expanding rapidly in recent years. More and more people are becoming digital entrepreneurs by marketing online courses and other types of content. For this entrepreneurship model to be effective, these people need to have a digital platform […]


SEO: what is it, how to apply it, strategies, tips… and a complete guide!

SEO is a set of optimization techniques used to place your website in the top positions of Google. Find out in this article what SEO is and what it’s for. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, means optimization for search engines. It is the set of techniques to optimize websites, blogs or pages on the internet. This work aims to […]

Email marketing

Email marketing: what it is, why and how to use it

Email marketing is not just about promoting products and attracting customers, it is also a powerful tool to strengthen the relationship with those who are already customers. Do you know how to maintain your relationship with them? Email marketing is the use of email campaigns, in digital marketing, to attract, retain, delight and retain customers. The objective […]

CRM in Business

CRM in Business: A Guide to the Advantages of CRM for Your Business

A CRM in companies is the catalyst for the sales process of any business. It is through technology that you have actions, strategies, policies, integrations and all the resources to attract, delight, sell, retain and retain customers. Therefore, understanding what CRM software does for your business is very important. Even if you’ve never used a CRM system before, you’ve […]


Sales funnel: what is it, steps and how to structure it? See everything here!

Learn how to control the Sales Funnel to boost your team’s business process. Understand the differences for Shopping Journey. Sales Funnel is a tool that helps sales and marketing teams guide a potential customer on their buying journey. It is a structure created to accompany and guide a customer on their purchase journey, starting with the […]

Digital Marketing

Marketing Tips: 31 Tips for Every Type of Business

Following some marketing tips makes small details that we miss in our day-to-day strategies don’t go unnoticed. The competition is big – and also active – and you can’t sit still without always looking for the best for your business, can you? You’re certainly already using the internet to sell more and communicate with your audience. But you […]


All about lead: what it is, how to generate, nurture, qualify and sell

Lead is your company’s potential customer, who has the ideal profile and is interested in purchasing your product/service. Learn from this post how to identify your lead, what a qualified lead is, what the best lead generation practices are and how to generate your leads. Lead is the name given to the person who visited your […]