What is storytelling and why is this strategy so effective

The storytelling, although not a new technique, is something that is still quite effective and is a powerful ally of the companies. Telling or listening to a story – who doesn’t? Since when we were children this was already part of our routine and our imagination, wasn’t it? Our past as a civilization, by the way, is […]


Growth hacking: what is it and how does it work? See everything here!

Growth hacking is an empirical way of working. It is a set of practices and strategies that aim, through experimentation, the uninterrupted growth of companies in different sectors. This term may seem like a big novelty, but it is already a well-known practice in the market. And companies that want to accelerate their earnings have been adopting […]


Customer focus, what is it and how to have it? Check out 10 strategies

Have the customer focus is a matter of strategy and even intelligence within every company. After all, we all know it very well. Without customers, what sense does any business make, right? More than that. Without satisfied consumers, loyal to the brand, how to be successful in entrepreneurship? Difficult. Successful companies are necessarily customer-focused. But, don’t confuse focusing on who consumes your […]

Customer service

Customer service: 30 tips for your business

Good customer service is a daily must for any company. It is essential to ensure the success of any business. To help you, we have separated 30 essential tips to always serve your customers well. What company can be successful if it does not provide good customer service on a daily basis? You’ve probably already stopped to think […]


Marketing Automation: Benefits, How to Use and More!

Marketing automation is the action of deploying technology to strategically and staggered increase conversions and results in a company’s marketing sector. Identifying, impacting, captivating and conquering your target audience is possible through this practice. Therefore, you need to understand its usage and benefits well. What company does not wish to have, day after day, not only assertiveness […]


Administrative management: check out the best practices for your company

Having an effective administrative management is one of the demands that the contemporary world brings to companies. To succeed in this mission, organizations need to take a full-time look at the whole. Market, customers, employees, technology… all of this is within the scope of best practices when managing any business. The subject, of course, is broad. It is quite […]

how to apply

External sales: what is it, aspects and how to apply?

External sales, despite the advancement of technology that allows to sell internally, is still a resource widely used by companies. Of course, not all companies still use this way of selling. But it is, yes, effective and makes a lot of sense in several segments. That door-to-door salesperson still has a positive impact on many customers. […]

Service channels

Service channels: which ones are best for your company?

Learn how to choose the best service channels for your business and learn how to manage them more effectively. Customer service has become one of the most important factors for a company to stand out in the market. These days, it’s impossible to remember a brand and think you can’t get in touch with it, […]


Buyer Persona: what is it, how to create and how important is it

Defining the persona of any business is one of the basic items to start an assertive marketing and sale’s strategy. It is essential to have it well defined to know who the company’s target audience will be. So, from there, focus efforts on it. But the creation of the so-called “buyer persona” needs to take place within some […]

Organizational culture

Organizational culture: the importance and how to create in companies

Create an organizational culture within companies it is a matter of intelligence. It’s strategic. Stop and think: how much time do we spend in our life dedicated to activities in the work routine? Enough, right? So why don’t companies create mechanisms to ensure the constant engagement and motivation of their employees? Are there goals to be met, objectives to be achieved […]