Trade Representative

Did you know that the sales representative is a decisive figure when selling to companies and/or institutions? At first glance, this professional’s job may seem obvious.

However, there are several details in his routine that are extremely important to know.

More than that, some aspects are essential for the sales representative to be someone really capable of making a difference. Its role is one of protagonist – and it could not be otherwise.

After all, what business can prosper without selling more, better and having more and more delighted and loyal customers? You know the answer to that question well.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk better about how these professionals perform their functions and how strategic their performance is.

In addition, we’ll talk about some essential features for this mission. We will see? Good reading!

Who is the sales representative?

A professional who works directly selling a company’s product or services is called a commercial representative.

Oh. There are two ways for this professional to act: as a company employee or autonomously. If he is hired in the first way, he will have the benefits provided for in the CLT.

But, if he is self-employed, he will be registered with the INSS and will be able to provide his services to more than one company – if he so wishes. As for the form of their remuneration, this, of course, varies.

But it is common for him to receive part in fixed salary, part in sales commission – which makes his earnings vary.

This second will depend, of course, on your performance in achieving the proposed goals and objectives. It is not unusual to have confusion between this profession and that of salesman.

In fact, both are similar. However, the seller will always be connected to a company and can work with both external and internal sales.

The representative does not necessarily need to have this connection and, in general, he works in the field – the so-called field sales.

The profession, in fact, due to a 1965 law, had its activities regulated.

The text says:

“Art. 1 The legal entity or individual, without an employment relationship, who performs, on a non-contingent basis on behalf of one or more persons, mediation for the performance of commercial business, brokering proposals or requests, performs autonomous commercial representation, brokering proposals or requests, transmit them to the represented, practicing or not acts related to the execution of the business”.

What does the sales representative do?

The sales routine is, without a doubt, something extremely demanding. But at the same time, when you manage to deliver the value the customer asks for and deserves, it’s also rewarding.

Each business has its way of selling and relating to the customer.

But companies that have sales representatives know that the relationship needs to be healthy and efficient for those who sell and those who buy.

After all, it is the company’s image that is at stake in every contact that occurs between both ends. A slip that is, for example, can make an organization lose a big contract.

So, you can imagine the importance of this professional, can’t you?

Among the activities – and there are many – that the sales representative must perform, we have selected some that are really essential.

Such as:

  • sell products or services to new and existing customers;
  • understand how to approach customers and generate value for them from the first contact;
  • provide service to old customers and maintain a good relationship with them;
  • attend periodic sales meetings and provide training on what is sold;
  • plan your business routine well and report on what is done;
  • have great persuasive power to sidestep objections and close complicated deals;
  • be didactic and consultative when presenting the product or service being sold;
  • be the point of contact between customers and the company quickly and efficiently;
  • Solve problems that hinder the customer’s experience with the brand, among others.

In addition, the sales representative needs to contribute so that the company can correctly manage sales.

Therefore, it is essential that it fills in the sales system that the organization uses.

Thus, it is possible to know the status of your negotiations and, of course, have an updated customer record.

6 qualities that the modern sales representative needs to have

Representing a company and its products and services, we know, is not an easy task.

It is always necessary to increasingly impact customers who are already in the base, while prospecting, qualifying, selling and delighting new ones.

Within this mission, some characteristics are essential for the work of the sales representative to take place efficiently.

We have separated 6 of them to be applied in the daily work:

1 – Good communication and presentation

Presentation and communication – two essential elements to make an initial positive impact on customers.

The body language says a lot about how close or how far the representative will be closing a deal.

This is because he will make direct contact with customers – most of the time in person, but it can also take place remotely.


Therefore, communication is something totally decisive. And communicating is not just talking, it’s knowing how to listen. Practicing the so-called active listening is crucial, within sales techniques, to be able (whenever intervening) to generate value for your interlocutor.

It takes peace of mind to convey what you need to customers, in the right tone and timing.

And by listening, you will know the correct way to convince those who listen to you that what you sell is important.

Adopting rapport techniques works a lot at this point, even to know how you should start your approach.

2 – Posture that conveys confidence

Posture of the sales representative

To have a greater power of persuasion. Being listened to and gaining the customer’s attention, it is necessary to have an uninterrupted posture that conveys confidence.

And the way the rep talks needs to convey that feeling right away. But of course overconfidence can convey arrogance.

So don’t try to stand out from whoever listens to you.

It is necessary to focus on the customer, always, and show that you are there to solve their problems. Knowing how to listen and being open to the customer’s pain: this is what a representative needs to give the necessary confidence.

3 – Knowledge about everything you sell

How to convince someone that something is good if even you are not completely convinced?

What we mean is: to be able to convey the value of what is sold, it is necessary to have complete mastery of what it is and how it works.

Therefore, the sales representative needs, more than anyone else, to know the characteristics of the product and/or service by heart.

More than that, what are the most common objections that can arise? It is necessary to know immediately how to get around them. Technical data is also important and needs to be mastered.

Also because, it is possible that the representative needs to explain to different areas of the prospected company the details of what he is selling.

4 – Understanding the market and business

Sales representative: business knowledge

In addition to convincing how the product fits the company, it is necessary to show how it is an important competitive factor.

Why, by buying this, the customer will, for example, have better results?

But you can only provide these answers when you have a business understanding. How the market moves and the competition (your customer’s) acts.

This will be reflected in a more truthful and assertive speech. Don’t ignore the economic and social issues of the market either; seasonality, among others.

Know what terrain you are standing on and how much sense it makes for you to be there at that moment. And, of course, act accordingly.

5 – Resilience and focus to close deals

Patience is a virtue. And the persistence to reach the best agreement for both parties too. The decision-making process, we know, is complex.

When it comes to B2B sales, then, it tends to be even more time consuming as it usually involves more than one person. Doubts and fears are also personal and can have many variations.

It is up to the representative, in a safe, didactic and direct way, to clarify all of them.

This is an important virtue that, together with a reference image in what is done, contributes to the customer feeling confident in buying.

6 – Familiarity with technology

Sales Representative and Technology

The modern sales representative needs to be a friend of technology to deliver the best results and prove them.

Through CRM it is possible to have all the records of customers and interactions they made with the company, have their history and know what they need – especially if it is recurring.

Digital transformation is important for an assertive sales control of any business, be it large, medium or small.

Even if an organization has the field sales model, CRM can and should be used so that all stages of the pipeline are fulfilled and the value, in each one of them, is delivered to customers.

This way, it will be much easier to make a new sale and direct the speech. After all, you already know what works and what doesn’t with this customer.

So, how can we help you?

If you have questions about this text or want to learn more about the role of technology in everyday sales, talk to a consultant today.

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Good sales!