Service Channels for Companies

Learn how to choose the best service channels for your business and learn how to manage them more effectively.

Customer service has become one of the most important factors for a company to stand out in the market.

These days, it’s impossible to remember a brand and think you can’t get in touch with it, at any time, through social networks, telephone, WhatsApp, email, among others.

The digital transformation has made a significant advance in the last year and has shown that, in many areas, the changes will not come back.

In fact, the new trends for 2021 confirm this, and those who do not follow all these developments could end up missing out on several business opportunities.

Within this context, the service channels stand out as one of the most important, as they are being great tools for companies to transform themselves and manage to generate an unforgettable experience for the consumer.

In this boost, we’ll show you the main service channels and how to choose them, so you can use them in the best way in your company.

How to choose the service channels for your company?

Working to offer a personalized, agile and cohesive service experience for consumers is essential for the success of a brand.

When we highlight the service channels, we are talking about strategies and forms of communication, not only to sell a product or service to the consumer, but also to transform this experience into something unforgettable, in a good way, of course.

Precisely for these opportunities to be well taken advantage of and the investments to be worthwhile, it is necessary to choose the channels that will be used for service and to know what needs to be taken into account in order to fulfill this purpose with excellence.

Get to know the brand’s audience profile

First, understanding the profile of the target audience is essential. To get to know this consumer, you can bet on surveys that can outline the habits, desires and needs they seek in a brand.

This work can be carried out through direct contact with the customers themselves in the stores or even after the purchase made on the internet.

Collecting some data with people in the company who are in direct contact with customers is also a great source of information.

In addition, seeking to standardize service by age group can be very efficient, since the ways to buy can be quite different.

After understanding the profile of your audience, their habits, communication channels that are most present and other characteristics, check the main existing means of communication and choose the one(s) that make the most sense for your brand.

The main service channels and the consumer experience

As already mentioned, the possibilities that have emerged in recent years for customers to get in touch with brands and companies are very varied.

In the past, when consumers only communicated by phone, there were many problems and situations in which they ended up not feeling valued.

Because of this, we list the channels that are most used lately and that allow you to establish a much greater connection with the customer, in a dynamic, personalized way and with a focus on valuing customer service and experience.

1- WhatsApp

Currently, WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in Brazil. The tool offers several advantages, both for consumers and for companies themselves.

For customers, WhatsApp allows for quick problem solving and more convenience, as they are the ones who control the pace of the conversation, interacting at the most appropriate time.

For companies, the application provides answers in a quicker and more satisfying way, helping to improve, precisely, the customer experience.

For corporate use, the most recommended version is the WhatsApp Business API version, as it allows you to professionalize the service.

This application option, designed primarily for medium and large businesses that receive many interactions per day, allows them to have a single number with multiple users responding to interactions.

Furthermore, with the official WhatsApp API it is possible to make massive shots to a customer base, without having the number blocked, and also automate conversations with intelligent catboats.

2- Social Networks

Social networks are increasingly present in our daily lives.

This frequent use aroused the interest of companies and contributed to making them an important relationship channel between brands and consumers.

The advantage of social networks is that they offer different opportunities to interact with the consumer.

However, the high volume of requests can end up disrupting the customer experience.

To be able to meet this high demand, it is essential to monitor all interactions and seek to respond to consumers as quickly as possible.

Social network monitoring tools can be great allies for this work.

3- Email

Despite the growing use of messaging and social networking applications, email is still an important channel for business communication.

Relatively easy to manage and quite versatile, it can be used efficiently not only in customer service, but in other operations such as sales, marketing, billing and support.

What can attract many customers to this channel is the sense of formality and security that are characteristic of this tool.

Because of this, it is generally a channel more susceptible to formal situations. But beware: the email can be associated with a long response time or even a lack of response.

Therefore, always make clear the terms and SLAs for that channel that are available to the customer and their team.

4- SMS

The exponential growth in the use of smartphones has meant that sending SMS continues to be a good option to bring companies closer to their customers.

Even with the emergence of new messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, SMS remains very popular and has great engagement power for companies, when properly used.

SMS stands out for its great versatility, immediacy, reach and accessibility.

To use it, the customer does not need a device connected to the internet, nor does he need credit to receive messages.

In addition, the great advantage observed by companies for using SMS is the high number of views it has.

Unlike email, which some people receive tens or even hundreds every day, the vast majority of messages sent via SMS are read quickly.

SMS text messages can be used for different situations and mainly help to reinforce communications.

They are used to publicize promotional offers, discount coupons, loyalty programs, alerts and notifications, such as order status and billing reminders, for example.

All these messages can be sent with a link to a website, directing the user to conversion.

5- Telephone

Despite all the digital transformations and advances in the way of communicating, the telephone continues to be a channel widely used by consumers.

This means of communication, which crosses generations, attracts for the speed and convenience it offers, resulting in a much more personal service with immediate responses.

Furthermore, it is widespread and inclusive for people with little intimacy with technology.

On the other hand, the phone’s potential is often underutilized by companies.

Without bothering to adapt to a more modern system, many still use tools that rely on the infamous endless menus.

The downside of this is that it impacts on different aspects of service, for example, the difficulty for consumers to find what they want, in addition to a longer waiting time.

To expand the capacity and quality of service through this channel, gain more satisfied customers and also reduce costs, it is important to incorporate the functionalities and advantages of a cloud system, such as the Virtual PABX and its intelligent resources.

Automate your service channels

Now that you’ve seen a few service channels, you might be wondering how your team will be able to handle so many interactions in different locations, right.

The catboats can be the perfect alternative to it!

Robots simulate human conversations and automatically answer all consumer questions, on any channel and time.

Thus, they have been standing out as one of the most efficient tools for customer satisfaction and for improving business profitability.

They are essential for companies that need to use and interact through multiple channels, but lack structure or need to increase their service capacity.

These robots can be applied to WhatsApp, social networks or chat on a brand’s own website and allow you to automate simple and repetitive tasks. Voice robots can be used in phone calls or text messages.

Serve your customers across all channels on an Omni channel platform

Using an Omni channel strategy is to centralize all the communication channels of a company in a single platform, making it possible to follow the entire customer journey in a much easier, practical and effective way.

With an Omni channel service platform, it is possible to serve the consumer through all available channels, viewing the entire progress of the contact on a single screen.

In addition, it is possible to migrate channels when necessary, without losing interaction history.

The Code7 Omni is a platform that presents these and other exclusive features for true Omni channel experience.

Our solution allows you to integrate all channels and tools, simplifying every possible point of engagement to create a single, cohesive conversation.

Furthermore, the platform can also be integrated with Piper Run Max, which allows you to update your company’s CRM without having to leave the platform screen.

Check out the benefits:

  • Work on a single screen;
  • Reduce your team’s time and effort in updating the pipeline;
  • Create calling activities and WhatsApp messages quickly;
  • Identify Code7 contacts within CRM Pipe Run and update easily.

Finding ways to improve communication with the consumer and respond to their requests, always with friendliness and efficiency, are some fundamental points to avoid losing any business opportunity.

This way, the consumer will be satisfied with the shopping experience and, consequently, will help in promoting your brand.